To ex-elders,that are df'ed, disassociated, fadeing and a wife thats still in please answer this.

by TheLoveDoctor 24 Replies latest jw experiences

  • TheListener

    I've faded and my wife is still in. It stinks.

  • TheLoveDoctor

    when I speak to my wife about the society/wt/gb/anointed/the..truth she says ok thats enough

    sometimes I feel I got what something important out but most of the time its the training we recieved that I never new was so powerful. Anything negative and spoken against not god but the Org should be viewed as apostate.

    buuuuut at times I think some info sinks in.

    This is a powerful statement that we have heard 1 time or another. A God of love would not let all this shit happen, even if I said shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love beats shit but shit keeps happening

  • Diest

    Sinus what is the symbol for your screen name, and what does it mean?

  • sinis

    Diest - its the national police flag under the german high command some 70+ years ago. It is a parody, in some respects, for where this world seems to be headed on a global level...

  • dm6

    what was the outcome of this story then?

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