There Goes My Wife. . . .

by southern.finesse 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • steve2

    She's found a new "man" (the organization) and she's cavorting with him and telling you to back-off. Listen to her. For your part you need to retain your dignity and let her go. Thank goodness your mariage has not produced any children.

  • garyneal

    I was looking at your older posts from about a year ago. It appears that she changed on you as soon as she got you down the aisle. I am sorry you had to go through this and it illustrates why Witnesses need to leave us worldly folks alone.

    You're best bet is to get out, it does not appear to be getting better. Ask yourself if you want to see yourself still dealing with this 10 years down the road. If not, cut your losses. At least there aren't children involved.

  • smiddy

    Simply stated

    People Beleive What They WANT To Beleive

    ( For whatever reason)


  • southern.finesse

    @ Nugget

    Your CORRRECT, instead of pushing on the breaks, she rather mash on the gas. It doesn't make the issue go away at all. She has no respect for me and it clearly shows in the lack of compromise to ANY of my suggestions. Very selfish and stubborn in her ways.

    @ Diana

    Im sorry to hear about your sister, trust me I feel your pain

    @ Party

    I appreciate all the informative information you have provided. I understand directly what your saying esp. the last part. She acts as if those men are Jesus and John the Baptist himself. They get treated with respect on an entire different level than I do which causes the strong feeling of disrespect. You could have sworn I was a stranger and they are all in the husband position to her. I even pointed it out to her, which only she acknowledged the concern but didn't expound on it.

    @ Steve2

    Thats EXXXXACCCTTTLLY how I feel, this new man better pay some bills LOL!!! Your right though, I feel as though her shifted in more than one way to this Org. Her mindset has changed to the point of me not being able to recognize.

    @ GaryNeal

    No it has not gotten any better. It has only gotten worse. Glad you looked up my older posts because I feel like I know you from all of your posts on the board. I appreciate you and glad you made the stand that you did concerning your own marriage. I understand the notion of staying for your kids but since we have none, it makes it easier for me to step back. It hurts like hell though.

    @ Black Sheep

    I know you’re a pusher on the 607 doctrine and I appreciate your posts as well. I've learned more from you about being direct and upfront when dealing with Dubs. You’re correct; I don't have those skills to get her to confront cognitive dissonance. She chooses to go this route.

    @ Scary

    I own the book, she doesn't want to look at any "OLD LIGHT", I have a collection of old WT books for her viewing but she will not look at them. I believe that said mouthful within itself.

    I think the funniest part of all of this is that she half-way asked me to attend the convention in support of her. I had to ask HER about the date instead of her calling me and informing me about the date (since I knew the convention was near). I almost feel as though she knows in her heart that the love she is getting from the Org. is not real love and she wants it from me. Yet in my gut, it's her playing the game and stringing me along (which she is KNOWN for doing) just as she did in the process before we got married. Would love bring you to a point of actually taking off of work and driving an hour 1/2 to see something you totally against???? I don't see it being health for me at all . . . am I being selfish????

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