I want to go to the UK and Canada... recommendations?

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  • nugget

    It rather depends what you are interested in.

    Scenery the south downs, the Peak district, the lake district, highlands of Scotland and Wales are all spectacular.

    history start with Stonehenge and Avebury. Salisbury Cathedral inside is amaxing. York is a city well worth a visit. Midlands is great and Trentham village near Stoke on Trent is fun to walk round and there is a fab pie shop . Monkey World in Dorset is doing marvelous work for wildlife and is close to some amazing scenery Durdle door, Lulworth cove, chessil beach among other things.

    Petworth house and Arundel castle are beautiful and have the benefit of towns that are full of character.

    any of the wetland wildlife trust settings are fantastic for bird watching.

    Burley in the new forest has lots of unusual shops with a witchy theme.

    London museums and galleries are just awesome you will never be able to see them all in the time given. Tate modern and Tate with the clore (not sure of spelling) gallery with the massive Turner collection is unmissable.

    If you are interested in literature then the old curiosity shop can be found at the bottom of portugal street in London and there is a quirky museum close to that called the soames museum.

    There is so much to discover in the UK and to do it all in 2 weeks impossible. I would plan more than one visit and explore each one.

  • cantleave

    Our little house in Hampshire is very welcoming!

  • Snowboarder

    VANCOUVER! I HEARD! THAT"S MINE CITY, well former i used to live there untill 4 weeks ago!

    here is a list of what to see!

    Stanley Park, Downtown Vancouver, Kitisilano Beach, Grouse Mountain( you can do the hike up or take the gondula, there are 2 bears at the top, it's and there are lumberjack shows and a good view) West Vancouver ambleside beach, There are hiking trails everwere in north vancouver. Capilano Bridge, Whistler. Take the Canada line, visit the Olympic village. there is so much to do!


    ps, if anyone has time check out my blog!


  • Free!!

    Great!!! thanks everyone!!

    Cantleave: can i use your house??? jk

    I am really excited about this trip! can't wait to see all of this wonderful places!! I will post pictures (of the sight seeing not my face, i am still fading) once i return!!! please if anyone has anymore ideas post them!! thanks thanks thanks!

  • nugget

    If you want to pop in and visit let us know and we'll put the kettle on and fire up the cooker.

  • Sargeant Pepper
    Sargeant Pepper

    UK! - Bring an umbrella

  • Sargeant Pepper
    Sargeant Pepper

    There are literally thousands of great places to visit in the UK, here are a few of my favourites:

    Belfast - See where Titanic was built

    Liverpool - Birthplace of the Beatles

    Edinburgh - The castle is fantastic

    York - History around every corner

    London - Where do I start?

    Manchester - Great nightlife

    Bath - Visit the famous Roman baths

    Windermere - The fabulous Lake District

    Avebury - A mystical stone circle surrounds this village

    Hadrians Wall - Lots of Roman stuff, Houseteads Fort, Vindolanda, Chesters Fort

    Whitby & Robin Hoods Bay

    Ben Nevis


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