I want to go to the UK and Canada... recommendations?

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  • Free!!

    Ok everyone I am going to Canada soon, Vancouver to be exact, I was wondering if anyone can recommend places to go?? I love sight seeing and I want to take advantage of my time there (almost a week)... so what would u recommend?

    Also i am planning a 1-2 week trip to the UK in October or maybe December, i know they are many UK posters here.... also, i want to take advantage to the max of my time there.. i want to go to those hidden treasures in the country side... maybe 1 day or 2 in London, but i want to see the wonderful UK country side... want to stop by Scotland and Ireland if possible...

    Any ideas, websites or information would be greatly appreciate it!

  • Iamallcool

    visit Outlaw's ranch. (I have never been there)

  • poopsiecakes

    If you can go to Victoria by ferry from Vancouver, it's quite lovely there and Whistler in the mountains is gorgeous. And London's museums are mostly all free and definitely worth going to, if you'll be in London.

  • Nickolas

    Only a week? Hardly enough. Rent a car and drive northeast from Vancouver to Jasper then south through the Columbia ice fields to Banff and Canmore, then onto Calgary to catch your flight to the UK. It will take you the better part of a day, but be prepared for the drive of a lifetime.

  • Free!!

    Thanks for the recommendations... i am used to long drives, i loved to travel and went driving to the west this year in March, it was 10 days of continuous driving but i saw some of the most beautiful sights of my life.. Lake Tahoe, Grand Canyon, Hover Dam, Napa Valley, it was awesome! and that's what i am looking for on my trips to Canada and UK.... i am one of those go w the flow travelers, when i am traveling i wake up early and go to sleep really late and live on caffeine... but i have to see it all in a small amount of time!! :)

  • truthseeker1969

    Go to Edinbugh in Scotland and visit the Royal Mile and have th best fun in the castle there. Also visit Glasgow which is a den of iniquity in some spots and visit the pubs or bars as they are called here in the US.

    You will have great fun in Glasgow, the people are great and friendly and always have fun. (dont mention George Bush) but Clinton/Gore and Obama are fine.

    The old lady and I had great fun there and princess street in Edinburgh has a beautiful Hotel on it which is expensive but when we stayed there we though we were extra special. All the security guards with dark glasses and Limo's were infront until we discovered Madeline Albright was staying there.

    Just have fun fun fun.

  • elm

    Hi free, Scotland is a fantastic place driving the great glenn way around the locks, is something you will never forget.

    I live in Cornwall 3 Miles away from the Eden project a good place to see, always welcome to drop in if your near by

  • diamondiiz

    Seven days just isn't a lot because there is so much to see depending on what you're into.

    Personally, I don't care for Vancouver and rather recommend Seattle (US) about 2 hours south of Vancouver. Vancouver Island is nice, Vitoria is a nice small city with some nice places to visit. You can do whale watching,hiking and check out the west coast. You can spend there at least a day.

    Jasper and Banff are about 9 hour drive from Vancouver and both have nice sights to check out, personally I like Banff Park more. Yoho National Park has some nice places to visit as well and it's on a way to Banff as well. (you can spend easily 2-3 days if you rush around to see things)

    Okanagan (about 4 hour drive from Vancouver) has many vineyards that you can tour and do some wine tasting if you're into that, scenery is very pretty with large warm lake where you can play in - rent a boat, a watercraft or do some wakeboarding. (a good day to tour around wineries and the area)

    If you want to stay around Vancouver, Stanley Park is nice, Whistler is about an hour or so away, I never been there but I hear it's pretty. If you have a better idea of how far you want to drive and what you want to do let us know and we can maybe guide you better as to what places to visit. Oh ya, they have a speeding law in BC if you drive 40km over the posted speed limit and get caught your car get impounded for a week - just wanted to throw that in there just in case

  • Chariklo

    For the UK, assuming you'll have the time and the money to travel, first of all I'd recommend October, when a lot of Britain is at its most beautiful. Also, the weather's often glorious in October, though no guarantees.

    For scenery/countryside and nature, take in the West Country, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. West Wales, north Wales and Snowdonia. The Peak District or Yorkshire moors. The Lake District.

    For history. Norwich. Stratford-upon-Avon. Colchester for the castle and Roman remains, and the nearby Dedham Valley in Suffolk, home of the painter John Constable, also the Suffolk coast around Orford and Aldeburgh. Stonehenge, of course, and Salisbury. Further north, York for everything, Durham for castle and cathedral, Hadrian's wall....

    You can't go wrong, all of Britain is beautiful!

  • mummatron

    Chariklo has given some great recommendations.

    http://www.visitwales.co.uk/regions-of-wales/ Being Welsh I'm biased but there's some beautiful castles, mountains, lakes and beaches here.

    Laugharne in West Wales, where Dylan Thomas did most of his writing, is one of my favourite places. It's just so tranquil, I always feel relaxed whenever I visit (and sometimes you'll spot Pierce Brosnan fishing in the estuary). I have some photos on my Facebook page, PM if you're interested.

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