Did you REALLY like the music played at meetings? Did people in your cong. seem to like them?

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    I performed (accompanied) for many years at the hall and at assemblies. The friends loved it and sung their hearts out. Some of the songs were beautiful. I preferred the pink songbook as it was written in four-part harmony and could be easily improvised upon.

    And did I ever!


  • blondie

    4 songs top from 1984 to songbooks back

    Today's is a horrible mess

    Blondie, singer and musician

    The end of live music also made it worse.

    Nobody practiced.

  • likeabird

    Did you REALLY like the music played at meetings?

    For a very short geeky period when I was about twelve, that's all I listened too. Fortunately the tapes were not designed to be played with such intensity and I found better stuff to listen to...

    Did people in your cong. seem to like them?

    Now that's a question and a half! Unfortunately, some of them are still having a real love affair with them. That's literally all they listen to - and if they're not listening to that, they're listening to the latest WT on CD or something in that style. Heaven forbid if you had to ride in their car with them and thank goodness I never had to go to the assembly with them!

    Yes, "like" is not the appropriate term! A gathering would never be complete without singing in full voice at least three if not five songs. Even before the new songbook was used at the meeting, several had already memorized many of the songs. I think at least one had memorized at least half of the old sngbook which they did that while exercising. I wouldn't be surprised if they'd finished the new songbook by now seeing as the new lyrics were so dumbed down.

    Oh, and we were all advised to memorize the songs in case one day we found ourselves in prison, we'd have something to do to pass the time.

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