reading a life time of WT literatrash = College education

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I certainly love upper middle class over scraping by, working poor. On the other hand, I have much respect for common hard workers, such as my parents. Despite my best efforts, I consider myself very fortunate to be educated. My mom wanted it with all her heart but her Witness mother made certain she was expelled for flag salute. I had to prove not just by myself but, even more importantly, my mom. She lived vicariously through me.

    I would say people walking around Lincoln Center or going up to the nonbudget floors in stores and wonder why I was such a paysan. My mom deserved a diamond ring, fur coat, and flowers. My break was that my teachers were on a mission to send the smartest kids to college. LBJ started the War Against Poverty which exposed all of us to worlds we never would have experienced without the free trips and massive teacher encouragement. A ballet performed in school, we travelled to Manhattan frequently for opera and things such as the Cloisters and Stravinsky Festival. It is impossible to overestimate the importance. We were not hanging on the corner as generations of our families did. I saw the world up close and personal through my own eyes.

    I only knew I wanted out of the KH and neighborhood. Post-college, I would do anything to ensure my children's education. They only experience what the Witnesses tell lthem. This is not stupid if no one has ever taught you to think for yourself. Sharecroppers aren't blamed for not being grads of Harvard or Yale. Circumstances placed me with undereducated GED applicants. I tried to encourage them but we lived in two different worlds. It is all too obvious that the Society fears the truth. Education is not bad or good. As people report, the Witnesses adored JW lawyers and doctors! I suppose they could always hire an expert from outside on the quiet. Certainly, all the major doctrines could exist with an educated membership. Born-again Christians with education exist. Listen to some of those Senators and Congresspersons. It proves to me that JW is not a religion but a mind control group.

    Fine arts and music, literary works are not opposite JWs. The WT illustrations are so bad. Music is even worse. KHs could have good architecture and design, even for a short time left. My public school education was a nightmare. I had to teach myself percentages after college. During freshman orientation, there was a striking difference between elite private schools and public school grads. They could think already! My school gave me A+s for naming the major characters in novels. If you are already education, you know what a bizarre, sad, and even comical cliam the WTs makes.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I just realize almost everyone here repeated my experience. What motivated you to go to college, despite all the WT orders not to do so, without college educated family insisting you go. We realize how courageous we were. I am very curious.

  • Quandry

    I tried to make myself fall for the WT=College education, too. But I had one year of college before I entered "the collective" and deep down knew better.

    I wanted to go back to school years later, but my husband , an elder by then, said it "wouldn't look right" or "might stumble" some people. After a few more years I decided to take just a course here or there. I started back with the basics. I took Geology for my science, which I absolutely absorbed. I read the book three times, just for pure enjoyment. It answered many questions about our dynamic earth. I began to realize that if I were only younger (by this time I was in my forties) I could go in this direction of study. Then I took History and was hooked. The study of early civilizations...what? 30,000 years ago there were cave paintings? Nooooooo, the WT says that man has only been here a little over 6,000....and yet, here is the evidence!

    Long story family got out together, and although I was working full time (at a low paying job), I dove back into school. Though I can only take two classes per semester, I will graduate in one and one half years with a degree in History. I will be sixty years old, but I will be sixty with or without a degree and prefer the latter.

    Poor girl that is working so hard. If she finds one day that she absolutely must have a job that pays more money, she will have a most difficult time finding one since she has limited education!

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Awesome. I'm about the same age and taking courses even tho I have a degree. History is my favorite. Poli Sci was my major. I went to law school to be an activist. Law school exposed me to English history. I love history museums. Since law school, I've read many bios of the Founding Fathers. Those bios left me with a much better sense of const'l pricniples than reading poli sci texts. Geology! I had to take poet's science courses. Geography almost sinked me. I was the only one a mapping field trip not to make a map.

  • Quendi

    I double-majored in Geography and Mathematics. I was told that I was the first such double-major at the University of Colorado. I absolutely loved it! I would love to return to school and double-major again. This time it would be metallurgy (something I studied at the Univeristy of Alabama in my salad days) and geology. We have an excellent university for both of these in the Colorado School of Mines in Golden. I'm still toying with the idea of simply auditing courses there. Since I am now 55, I can do so absolutely free which makes the idea all the more tempting.

    But I also have a host of other interests I want to study and pursue. Literature is definitely one of them. Music is another. I also have a lifelong fascination with history, astronomy, and planetary science. My problem is too many interests and not enough time. But reading, studying, and interacting with other minds keeps me young at heart and in mind.

    It is indeed most unfortunate that the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society has campaigned tirelessly against higher education. That has harmed many Witnesses, who are leading unsatisfying and unfulfilled lives as a result. If the Society really had the love for the brotherhood that it professes, it would be encouraging its members to absorb as much education as they can. Instead, it gives them crumbs, bones, and table scraps via the superficial articles that appear in its magazines. I'm glad I finally had the sense to rub the sleep out of my eyes, return to college, and earn my degrees.


  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Knowledge of the Truth = 4 years of college ???

    Why didn't anyone ever tell me that?

    Had I'd known, I would've included my WT education on my Resume!

  • tiki

    The anti-education stance is the worst thing to foist on young eager minds. I was an A student all the way through high school and had to forego college, which was always a bitter pill for me to swallow.....all the more so because I could have had it paid for......but if I went to college, oh the horrors - I'd have sex...I'd not be able to go to all the meetings and FS.....and oh the evils - I might become a godless evolutionist.

    Years - YEARS - later....and a fantastic husband, I am almost through and will have my bachelor's.....and am moving straight into a master's program. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. The personal satisfaction in success has brought my self-esteem back up to a normal healthy level (murdered, trampled by the born-in's all you know and you accept it as 'truth'....untill you start to put the pieces together...).

    Suffering through stifling brain-deadening repetitive elementary-school level materials, typicallly conducted by a moron who can't even speak proper English, was the worst. The "heaviest" material ever produced in my opinion was the old Babylon book. That was actually rather interesting....but I suppose that and everything in it is old light and no good anymore. Anyhow, there is absolutely no parallel whatsoever with a real education and reading the awake of all they toss in an article about some weird monkeys on an island is that enhancing brain power? and my very pet peeve is the total lack of scholarly protocol. citations missing, statements pulled out of the air with no backup is the furthest removed from critical thinking and scholarly presentation you can get!

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