reading a life time of WT literatrash = College education

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  • fade_away

    I think deep down, that girl is a bit jealous of your education and your success. She can't believe that someone who "left Jehovah" is doing so well for herself. She thought ex JWs were supposed to be missing God's blessing therefore living a miserable life full of problems. Keep proving her wrong!

  • WTWizard

    I never see how reading the Asleep! rag was equivalent to a college education, even when they were doing two a month. First, they never get in depth in anything. You read an article about guinea worms one month (which may or may not be complete and/or accurate), and they never touch the subject again. Or, you might read about some isolated feature of New Zealand--without being able to get in depth about anything like one can online. Usually, this kind of article is written with a bias about boasting about the witlesses' progress in such lands.

    Another type of article I have seen too many of in the Asleep! rags is how to do something. You get an article about fixing cars--all 3 or 4 pages. You could never learn to fix a car using just that information. I would like to see whoever wrote that article try driving a car that was fixed by someone learning to fix them with just that information--at 90 MPH. I doubt they would even be able to get it started. Those how-to articles usually focus on doing more in the "new system"--especially those articles about playing a musical instrument. And, you never see a concentration of several articles getting in depth about how to do any of that stuff.

    So, they suck in the social sciences (you never hear more about a country aside how the witlesses are progressing, and a few highlights about it). They suck in the physical sciences. But, do they do well in humanitarian subjects like literature, philosophy, and religion? They are biased about their own religion, bashing all other religions while exalting their own. Very often, their own religion is every bit as bad as the religions they bash, or worse--yet you won't hear that side in their littera-trash. As for literature, it is a pathetic excuse--very poor.

    My challenge is, since they are supposed to be equivalent to college, can the Asleep! come up with contiguous subject matter on any one subject? I challenge them to find at least one college course' worth of math at the college level. Colleges generally require people to at least take one math subject. Do they have Chemistry 125 or the equivalent? It was mandatory where I went to college (125 or higher). Does the Asleep! rag teach about valences? Does it teach about acids, alkaline substances, metals, halogens, and how they react? I learned much in high school chemistry; if the Asleep! doesn't teach this, they cannot be a college equivalent. And what, beyond their own biased religion, do they teach about social sciences?

    Not only that, but they don't even have complete information about a topic. Interested in Singapore? The Asleep! rag has an article. You might find hundreds of pages online. The Asleep! is about how the witlesses are doing there, and how terrible the country is--though they might touch on an isolated feature of interest. A college level course would discuss what is going on in government, culture, history, and what is currently going on--now. Very often, you can get more information just from one web site (even the official one) than from that Asleep! rag.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I would stay quiet b/c the speaker is so out of reality. You don't engage in debate with schizophrenics or someone so mentally ill that they are not based in reality. She is telling her truth and you cannot deny the validity of her truth. She is convinced she has the equivalent. I am a chronic people-pleaser. Sometimes, though, saying I disagree or do you have any objective facts b/c I am interested. Often, I say nothing b/c there would be rancor in my voice.

    College today is closer to a high school degree a few generations ago. I run into college students sometimes and I marvel at how clueless they are. There is a class difference and it saddens me. A college degree can be overestimated how much it will help employment, particularly in the short run.

    We know the truth. The rest of the world knows the truth. Imagine being sans high school degree in this economy. I've worked as a Wall St. lawyer and processing photo license renewals. There is a world of difference. It is nice to be respected and treated as a colleague, even when you know very little compared to a senior partner. I was bullied severely in the photo license renewal place. The employees were treated with utter contempt by a supervisor most employers would treat with contempt. My dream is that everyone is treated with respect. It hurt me that no lawyer had to sign in time but the secretaries had to do so. There are no studies that secretaries lie more than lawyers. In fact, the results are most likely the opposite. Life is hard enough. Education provides a cushion.

    People in cults cannot have rational discussioins. A few times I've engaged Witnesses knocking on my door. Show just a tad bit of Bible knowledge, such as Mark is the earliest, Koine Greek is the NT language. Paul did not write all the letters attributed to him which is very clear by reading an authentic one like Romans or Corinithians and then reading Hebrew. They become inordinately upset. Next, they run.

    I visited an Episcopal convent when I was very ill. They were very strict in their discipline. Adult women needed permission to go to the corner. They bowed to the mother superior. I thought of bowing to my mother in subjugation and started to laugh. The young nuns my age loved me. Mother superiror thought be too worldly and suspect. It was such a compliment! I have a hunch that deep down she is conflicted by your success. It could be why she must assert herself so much with you.

  • shamus100


    They're not stupid, they're just so ignorant they think that they are smart.

  • AwareBeing

    The mags. are designed; with all their color and wide variety of topics, to appeal to the public

    in order to strike up a conversation, and bate the householder for a return visit.

    The WT writing committee makes sure that there are a few intellectual points per article, to impress.

    The publishers are pumped up with scriptures that describes them as the apostles, "unlettered men",

    and that college's training is as Paul's "refuse." However; the articles are not equivalent to a

    college coarse, and the poor JW's come off sounding like "jack's of all trades, masters of none."

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    When she said that her WT education was the equivalent of a college education, you should have agreed with her, and then winked your eye at the wall. There's nothing quite like agreeing with people who have crazy views, nodding your head and saying, "Yeah, that's something else!" Then you look at the nearest wall, and wink your eye at it to remind you of your own sanity and sense. You can't save everybody, but you can sure laugh at a whole bunch of them.

  • shamus100

    However; the articles are not equivalent to a

    college coarse, and the poor JW's come off sounding like "jack's of all trades, masters of none."

    That's course. ;D

  • JonathanH

    PHY 161 — Introductory Physics I Laboratory
    Hours: 1
    Course ID: 000471

    Investigates concepts introduced in PHY 151 through experiments in classical mechanics and thermal physics. Prerequisite or concurrent: PHY 151. Lab: 1 credit hour (30 contact hours). BIO 150 — Principles of Biology I
    Hours: 3
    Course ID: 000135
    Presents knowledge of biological principles at the cellular and molecular levels, similarities and differences in structure and function of simple and complex cells and theories on the origin and evolution of biological systems. Part one of a two semester sequence ( BIO 150 and BIO 152). Lecture: 3 credits (45 contact hours). Prerequisite: (CHE 105 or concurrent enrollment) or consent of instructor. Those are introductory courses I will be taking in my first or second semester when I start school this fall. I will learn more in those contact hours than I learned in a lifetime of reading the awake, or the creator book or any of that nonsense. I remember when I was a teenager going over the creator book in our bookstudy, that's the book that had a couple of chapters on the fine tuning argument of the universe. It has a few paragraphs on strong and weak nuclear forces, gravity ect. The question and answer parts were like pulling teeth. People just had to repeat a sentence or two in the paragraph's but nobody could even comprehend the information enough to do that much. They read some magazine that says evolution is like a tornado in a junkyard and they think they are now qualified to go argue with educated people on the topic. The brilliance of the WT is not that it is so successful at keeping it's members ignorant, but that it convinces their members that they aren't.

  • NewChapter

    Jonathon! I remember that. Everyone kept complaining that the book was soooo hard and they barely understood it. I remember being kind of surprised, because as flawed as the book was, it was a bit deeper than most of the trash. It also addressed subjects that I never would have read about in the rest of the literature and peaked my curiosity. For most though it was EXACTLY like dental work. LOL It was pain that must be suffered for a greater good.

    I love college. I hope you really enjoy it. It's like a brain massage and sometimes gets quite painful, but then when you push through it and get it, it's like floating. I'll be starting my 3rd semester this Fall. I only go part time because of health problems, but I've REALLY missed it this summer.



    Jehovah`s Witness`s with a WatchTarded Education..

    Have the Qualifications to be a Brainologist..Or..A Janitor..


    "Brainology takes up too much Field Service time"

    "So I decided to be a Janitor"

    ............................ ...OUTLAW

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