reading a life time of WT literatrash = College education

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  • straightshooter

    There are some very informative information in the Awake. But I cannot become an accountant, doctor, computer programmer, etc just by reading the Awake magazines. Higher education provides the necessary building blocks for many jobs.

    Would you want a jw who has no higher education to operate on you because he read an article in the Awake on the heart?

  • jay88

    Very informative thread,


  • TotallyADD

    My wife and I have talked about this many times. What we have always observed is ignorant people out of pride think they are smart because they can read a simple article on a certain subject and understand some very simple point or thought. You put alot of these simple thoughts together even though they may not be related these people come up with the idea they must be really smart. JW education is a education of rote learning only. Which only touches on the surface of any subject. That is why because of cult thinking they have a college education without doing the work. Totally ADD

  • JonathanH

    lol, I tried newchapter but my wife do you say....spoiled? She likes name brand clothes and name brand education. I know it sounds ridiculous and petty, but really she just wants the university experience too and she knows a few witnesses that went to community colleges and they were the kind of people that drop out of community college after one semester because it's too hard, and they were busy spitting out babies. So in her mind community college is where impoverished hillbillies go to drop out. I'm actually taking some courses at the community college though (to save money where I can) and transferring those credits to the local university, so hopefully when I go she'll see that it's really a nice campus and a legitimate education. I think she would really enjoy it.

  • Rocky_Girl

    JonathanH: If your wife has been out of high school long enough, she doesn't need to take the ACTs or SATs. I didn't, but I was out for 11 years before enrolling in college. Or, she could audit a course -no enrollment = no testing. It is usually cheaper, less intimidating, and less of a commitment on her part - since she is reluctant - but gives her a taste of what college is like.

  • Quendi

    When I decided to return to college after a twenty-year hiatus, where did I start? At the local community college! I spent a year there taking courses in history, geography, as well as differential and integral calculus. That was excellent preparation for what awaited me at the University of Colorado. I am very glad that I did so. My calculus instructor was the equal of any mathematics professor I studied under at the university. In some respects she was superior to many of them for not only did she know the subject matter, she was an outstanding teacher as well. The same cannot be said of many college professors. They know the subject, but their teaching abilities leave much to be desired.

    I have a few book suggestions for you, JonathanH, that I think you will like. Any of the "...For Dummies" books are very good. I have one on differential equations that I particularly like. Lots of worked out examples as well as easy to read, but very informative text make it a keeper. They publish many titles in mathematics. Also, another series I like is the "...demystified" books. The ones I have on linear algebra and complex variables are wonderful. Both series have plenty of mathematics titles. And don't forget the Schaum's Outline books too. All of these series are easily available online at outlets like

    I've heard good things about the Khan Academy online educational system. I'm glad you are taking advantage of it. A friend of mine has decided that he would like to study mathematics on his own. He has never gone to college and is now in his early sixties, but what he saw on the Khan Academy website really piqued his interest. So he looked at the lectures on trigonometry and now wants to learn more. Online education is going to have significant impact and I am so happy that it is available to anyone with a computer and Internet connection. Maybe some Witnesses will shake off their intellectual torpor and finally pursue worthwhile knowledge.

    One last thing. Don't give up on your writing dreams. I am a published author myself, and am currently working on a fantasy novel that has the mathematics of linear algebra as a key element of the story. And if you're looking for some good fiction that features mathematics, let me suggest Arthur C. Clarke's The Last Theorem, Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy, and Mathenauts: Tales of Mathematical Wonder, edited by Rudy Rucker. It includes Larry Niven's delicious tale "Convergent Series".

    Happy Reading!


  • blondie

    The thing is that the material in the Awake is derived by interviews the WT staff at Bethel have with non-jws that are expert in the field. The information is not developed by the WTS. I must check and see if the Awake makes more complete quotes, naming the person interviewed, source of information, when information was originally written, etc. The WT magazines are not very professional in quotes of outside sources.

  • Free!!

    I have 2 years of a communication major under my belt, and now decided to go for an International Business Mgmnt degree and i love every minute of this college experience... I have always been an free-thinker and had trouble understanding most of the WT crap... but i was so depressed i felt for it... now that i am out, i have learned to just let them believe what they want and walk away from their stupidity...

    I would like to see them putting in their resume under Higher Education "Awake! and Watchtower Magazines 19?? to present"... sure that's going to get them a job.... ::roll my eyes::

    I agree with one of the comments here about how the worst part about JWs is not their ignorance, but how they really truly believe they are better than everyone else....

    It does not matter how old you are, is never late to learn and explore the world.. when your eyes finally open and you are free everything becomes so much fun!!!

  • JRK

    The degree comes from UFAP.


    (pronounced you fap)

  • TDaze

    I loved reading the Awake! when I was 12.

    That is all.

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