JW's and Gift Giving

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  • What Now?
    What Now?

    I don’t think most Jehovah’s Witnesses realize how easy they have it when it comes to gift giving. If they were not witnesses, they would most likely be giving gifts to at least their immediate family on birthdays, for Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentine’s Day etc.

    My husband and I give gifts to our friends on their anniversaries. We couldn’t justify not doing that. Now we can’t afford to give extravagantly, or to give gifts to everyone that we know. We have a budget of $25 per couple, $50 if it’s a “big” anniversary (5 years, 10 years etc). That’s bought people some really nice, thoughtful gifts.

    You always hear the standard witness line, “we don’t need to wait until a specific day to give gifts, we can give gifts all year round”. But in all honestly, with the exception of maybe your family, how often is that the case? When was the last time you received a gift from another witness, “just because”?

  • itsibitsybrainbutbigenoughtosmellarat

    Cheap asses all of them....hahah in a self centered society there are few exceptions I have always found. Did I say that outloud?

  • OnTheWayOut

    My wife truly is a JW who gives a gift anytime "just because" to family or friends. She's the only one I know like that. Otherwise, I agree with "...smellarat" above.

  • Quendi

    When I was a Witness, I gave gifts throughout the year to my friends. I agreed with the WTS that special days were not the only time to remember friends and family. So I did the same things that OTOW's wife does when it comes to gift giving. That enhanced the relationships and friendships I had because my friends knew the gift was from my heart.

    But I also have to agree with the thought that many Witnesses are stingy in this matter. Since they don't celebrate or observe any of the holidays, they think that frees them from making any material gestures toward others. For me, a gift is, in the words of the Wizard of Oz, a "token of my esteem and affection". I am more than rewarded when I see the smile, receive the kiss, or get the bone-crushing embrace that follows the gift. It is very unfortunate that many Witnesses never practice the love and generosity they claim is a basic part of their personality.

    Now that I'm no longer in the organization, I have a smaller circle of friends to share things with. But I still practice gift giving as my finances will allow. And my friends have been equally generous to me. I still don't celebrate or observe Christmas or most holidays. Nevertheless, I make occasions to show my friends and family how I feel about them, and gift giving is an integral part of that.


  • WTWizard

    I think it's rare that witlesses even give gifts to family. They claim to receive things all year round, but in practice they almost never do. Most of the money instead goes into the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund, while children are kept bereft of toys so they will not have reason not to go out in field circus and stay there all day.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Please, my powerful father thundered this every Christmas at my brother and sister. The nieghbor kids with their treasure troves were suckers. When every kid in Christendom, had a new toy. We did not even get handkerchiefs or underwear. It hurt so badly. We get toys all year. Right.

    My three year old sister had no toys. None. She stole a stuffed dog from a mall. He made her return it and acted as though she would go to jail. Three year olds don't have criminal minds.

    My brother and I were apart, incommunidaco for decades. A few years ago we were together and made al local mall trip. Some kids were bouncing a ball to try them out. I sighed. He knew why. We discussed the hurt. He said balls are really cheap.

    I could have taken free tennis lessons in the county park if I had a raquet and the time commitment. No tennis.

    The Catholic kids refused to play with us b/c we did not have heavy ordnance. Maybe my parents were right about no toy machine guns.

  • talesin

    It's kinda funny,,, most folks don't give gifts for wedding anniversaries. Usually it is a private celebration between partners, going out for dinner and a flick or whatever, in my experience.

    JWs --- the 'opposite' religion.


  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    I've always thought that was a wonderful part about being a JW. All those suckers in the malls stressing over what to purchase for their relatives and friends during holiday season. Struggling with parking, waiting in lines, cooking, baking, hanging out with relatives, and all that other crap that comes with holidays I'm glad to do without. I'm a bachelor to the core, and although some days I can get lonesome, overall being a single and selfish cheap bastard definately has its perks.

    Although I confess, a girl I know told me recently she closed on a house, so I'm thinking about buying her a gift. I was looking at a Nambe Wood Serveware collection online, and I'm tempted to splurge, but the cheap JW side of me might just win this battle, or at least compromise.

  • TDaze

    I was always a loner, but when it came to family it was quite easy. If I wanted something, all I had to do was ask my parents, and they'd just give it to me. Hell, I remember wanting a gamepad for my PC. I was short ten guilders (pre-euro times) and my parents just said: "Spend your money on something else you like. This one is on us."

    I never was that demanding, and they usually had to come up with the idea of gifting me shit, so this was never an issue in my life.

  • DanaBug

    The congr. I grew up in was really big on gifts. Baptism, very first day of school, graduation, hospital stays, anniversaries, pioneer school, etc. I think it was the exception though. My mom was really good about picking up little things for us and giving them for no reason in particular. Though, I have to say I paid for my own graduation party and while I got a cd changer for my car, my brother got an actual car for his. I felt jipped, I had to buy my car.

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