JW's and Gift Giving

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  • DanaBug

    I got sidetracked, but this is what I originally wanted to say. I looove gift shopping and every opportunity for it. I love picking out great gifts, especially for kids. I would miss not being able to do that. I even love the wrapping! So yeah, imo, the JWs are the ones missing out.

  • talesin

    I even love the wrapping! So yeah, imo, the JWs are the ones missing out.

    hahaha,,, "I even love the wrapping"

    Me too, DanaBug!!!

    right on~!


  • perfect1

    When my family does give me gifts, they are basically garbage.

    They either bought them at an extreme discount so that there is something off about it- or I also receive cast offs of things my mother no longer wants anymore.

    I am so sick of it. Last time I just said thank you- but I really want to just say- keep your crap. Stop giving me your garbage. the box is just sitting there pissing me off. She sent me breakable things she didnt bother to wrap properly. So they broke.

    For my wedding she gave me something she just didnt want anymore and pretended it had meaning to her.

    Its such bullshit.

  • carla

    My jw can't figure out why some guys have such awesome tool boxes filled to the brim! well duh, if a guy likes tools what better gift is there? Father's Day, Christmas and birthday were tool gifts for the men I knew. Yep, he's missing out big time.

  • perfect1


    Gifts are awesome. From now on I voow to give only real gifts, not shit I just dont want.

  • blondie

    We never got gifts from our mother and father. Cheapass jw and cheapass non-jw. No money for us but then they would give gifts to their friends children. If it weren't for the non-jws who gave gifts to us, we'd never see anything.

    As to other jws, not a once except for the older sisters I gave rides to. They'd take me out to eat as a thank you.

    I was in a congregation that never sent sympathy cards figuring a quick word at the KH would suffice. Just once sister always sent a card showing there was no excuse.

    And jws have to be reminded every year to tip.

    *** km 4/11 p. 6 Three Days of Spiritual Refreshment ***

    Restaurants: Honor Jehovah’s name by your fine conduct at restaurants. Leave a tip if this is customary.

    *** km 4/10 p. 7 District Conventions—A Time for Joyful Worship ***

    Restaurants: Honor Jehovah’s name by your fine conduct at restaurants. It is customary to leave a 15 to 20 percent tip.

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    There are happy dubs willing to give their shirt or dress off their backs, far and few between though. I can recall before one of my friends left the Organization, he became very frustrated by the selfish nature the majority displayed. Gift giving is done by silly brothers wanting to attract the attention of their elders or traveling overseers to get themselves noticed. I thought of a new book bag, Jerry Garcia Ties or gift certificates to their favorite eating joint!

    The attitude of the traveling overseers was disgusting, PIASOS CODOS! How many overseers every bought you a gift or did anything other than charge a "service fee" with a wide open hand, waiting for your gifts?

  • perfect1

    Another thing:

    I am so embarassed that as an adult I am never sure how to wrap a gift. I actually have no experience in wrapping presents and it flusters me when I have something that needs to be beautifully wrapped.

    I can imagine as a kid being told that doesnt matter, but you know what- how you give the gift also matters, and taking the time and energy to make sure it is well presented it part of the giving process. I learned that from other people, no thanks to the JW family.

    It may sound obvious but I was told that those sorts of things didnt matter.

    And they do matter.

  • cobaltcupcake

    My father loved to give gifts. Of course, he also had a shopping addiction that kept him in credit card hell. Before we joined the cult he would go all out at Christmas and lavish my brother and me with a truckload of stuff (some of which left me wondering why he thought I'd want this). After we joined the cult when I was 12 he went apesh*t crazy over 1975 and quit his job to go pioneering, so we were broke and lucky to be able to buy socks.

    Later, after my brother and I were grown and gone, he'd sometimes go overboard and lavish us with unnecessary presents to the point that my brother and I had to take him aside and beg him not to do it.

    My husband, on the other hand, had grown up as a JW in an abusive family where presents were given the day after a vicious beating. He always thought of gifts as insincere guilt offerings. The whole process was tainted for him. He could barely muster a "thank you" when I gave him a gift.

    I love to give gifts "just because" but rarely have the disposable income to do it.

  • MrFreeze

    How many JW's got gifts all year round? How many JW's got gifts ever? I found out I'm really good at wrapping presents apparently. My sister in law was admiring my work when I gave my nephew a Christmas present this year.

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