Is immorality escalating?

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  • jworld

    I got the convention update from my mom, who attended this past weekend. Sounds like the Society made the claim that immorality is escalating at a faster clip. Is that true? I can't say either way. While immorality may be increasing, things like social equality have been getting better. So, can you say the world is getting worse? It seems like some statistics may cancel each other out (immorality is increasing yet social inequality is decreasing. thus is the world going from bad to worse?)

    Also, sounds like the soceity is not saying there are more earth quakes. They are now saying that there are great earth quakes. Lining it up with what the bible says. Have earth quakes become stronger?

    I think im still in that early stage where while I don't believe the Watchtower has any insight beyond what is in the bible, I still have bible questions. I know there are people on here that still enjoy reading the bible. Does anyone ever meet to discuss such stuff?

  • jgnat

    Oh, I read that wrong. I thought you were asking if immortality was escalating.

    I heard a speaker say recently that news reports on the abnormal. Otherwise it would not be news. I wish I remembered where I heard it.

    Here in the first world, our perspective is skewed by our culture. There's evidence that we are heading to a more conservative culture, due to the ageing population and immigration. Weird in our North American culture is our aversion to sexual experimentation, and tolerance for violence (say, in movies).

    I know that in Canada, the divorce rate is down. Statistics Canada speculates this is because couples are taking longer to commit.

    High-population cultures like India continue to be conservative.

  • cantleave

    Depends on how you define immorality.

    If they mean, the hypocritical psuedo morality preached by the Victorian upper class (but not practised by them), then thank the Flying Speghetti Monster those days have gone!

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    I think as far as entertainment goes, definately. Everything is sex, sex, sex. Commercials for products that have absolutely nothing to do with sex, will use an attractive half naked woman to sell their product. Language is ridiculous,a s even PG-13 movies have F-bombs now. Underage kids in movies with titles such as, Kick-Ass. Porn Stars are gaining mainstream acceptance. Graphic violence on television and movies has increased as a result of the technology to make it more visual and real. I think as a whole, people are a lot more angrier today, demonstratively more aggressive in the open. There's a lack of civility, and manners. I don't have anything against gays myself, but for those that feel homosexual activity falls under the immoral umbrella, its obvious that society's views on that topic have become more lax. As far as attractive lesbians go, heterosexual males have always expressed an attraction to that sort of thing in backroom conversations, but now that conversation has gone mainstream. I guess to put it in a nutshell, I'd say that a lot of things that were only spoken about in the house, are out in the open now.


    I saw more immorality in the KH than I`ve ever seen in the outside world..


  • Lore

    Depends on how you define immorality.

    Darnit, that's what I was gonna say!

    If acceptance of sexual differences, other religions and other races is immoral. Then yeah immorality is escalating.

    But what some people think is evil, others view as good.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    From the standpoint of the self-righteous, bible thumping, 10 commandments type Christian. Then, probably immorality is increasing.

    The problem becomes, if one does not accept the bible as any so called 'word of God', and if one understands that most 'morality' has been drawn from holy writ [that may not be so holy], then it is not so easy to answer the question.

    I find it easier to just ask: Are my neighbors more violent, more selfish than they were, say, 20 years ago? Or are most people [no matter what they choose to do with their sexual parts behind closed doors - which is what most Christians refer to when they say immorality] just as kind, nice, gentle and helpful as they used to be?

    My opinion is that little has changed in my neck of the woods in that regard. Though perhaps some are having more sex with those that they have not elected to enter the Christian marriage arrangement with. To which I say: So what?


  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    I know of one group that is experiencing a rise in immorality. That would be Jehovah's Witnesses. Immorality is difinitely escalating among JWs.

    A representative from Bethel recently told his audience that JW marriages are 'falling apart!' Those were his exact words.......'JW marriages are falling apart'!

    So, yes, according to this JW Rep. among JWs immorality is escalating. What else could acount for the rise in broken JW marriages if not ..... immorality.

    Just another day in paradise!

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I've also heard the claim several times. And immorality is just a 'churchy' way of saying 'doing stuff in ways I don't agree with'.

    - Immorality as in criminal conduct has gone down:

    - Immorality as in divorce rates has gone down:

    - Immorality as in teen pregnancy has gone down almost 40%:

    - Immorality as in alcohol and hard drugs treatment rates have gone down, soft drugs slightly up:

    What is noticed however in most of these studies is that the rates have significantly gone down among the well-educated classes of our society however the low-educated parts are also down but at lesser rates.

  • mummatron

    IMO it's that society in general is more open and less judgemental. Whereas immorality used to be kept behind closed doors, we now dismiss things we may not personally agree with as being 'their business'.

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