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  • ihadnoidea

    I still go and have not seen such a visible reaction at the hall I attend. In my area I think the mindset of going along with the slave has even gotten stronger for all the older ones, and some of the younger adults. Probably due to the recent uptick in articles focused on the topic of obeying the slave. I have had only 2 conversations where a witness had a reaction something like, "when are they going to change that teaching on generations next, chuckle" or "well that is the current thought, but we do not really know". Those comments have a subtle admission of the fact that they do not really know what they are talking about. Still I have also had conversations with a lot of witnesses saying things like, "see we are not in darkness like all the rest of mankind, such light". I think the topic of evolution and science are having a greater affect then these doctrinal points. A lot of youth are going through school being taught these topics, and then at the family study get misinformation & misquotes. Some youth are seeing through this hence all the recent articles focused on these topics. It maybe also affecting younger adults too. I love the fact that we are having a campaign in july using the "Was Life Created" brochure, maybe a few discussions with people at the door will stir a few to research evolution more.

  • Chariklo

    On the other hand, here in the UK numbers are growing and everyone seems totally ok with the FDS. Everything is accepted.

    I'll only say it's in the south west.

  • techdotcom

    I'd be willing to bet that most witnesses could not even explain the new "light" on the generations. Not only that, I'd be willing to be most don't even realize it changed in any meaningful way. They literally think it's no big deal and just an "adjustment" to what they were being taught before. They are asleep and just absorbing without thought. Some things stick, some don't. Most know less about what they really are supposed to believe and how that has changed than your average apostate.

  • Quendi

    Sadly, although I was well educated and considered myself to be independent-minded, I swallowed WTS teaching hook, line, and sinker. I was so certain that it was God's organization, and that if there were problems, Jehovah would straighten them out in his due time. I needed to be patient and loyal. If I was, then Jehovah would bless me. If not, then I would suffer the penalty of everlasting death. That kept me in line for many years.

    Some of you might say, "Quendi, it wasn't entirely your fault. You were brainwashed into thinking that way." Maybe so, but it is still a source of shame for me. Now that I'm out, I am determined never to surrender my God-given free will and power of reason to any person or organization again. I suppose I should be grateful to have at least made that determination in my life.

    Like ihadnoidea, I have noticed a ratcheting up of the pressure being put on the rank-and-file to conform to the WTS way or else. The study articles that I last read banged that drum rather loudly. Witnesses believe it because a corollary is added to the 'conform or else' dictates. That is "Where else will we go if we leave 'the Truth'?" Many are not frightened simply by the idea of losing their friends and family, they also fear life on the outside of the organization. Leaving it would open a vacuum in their lives that would be difficult to fill and they don't want to face that.

    Fortunately, there are resources available now that were undreamed of some years ago. The Internet has opened up entirely new vistas and presented viable options for those wishing to leave Jehovah's Witnesses behind. This forum is certainly one of them and I am grateful to have found it and the contributors to it that have given me much to think about. I want to thank everyone here for that. And I continue to hope that our friends and families still in the cult will find their way out.


  • truthseeker1969

    To all i cannot openly say which congregation he is in as one never knows who is reading this board but I will say this.

    There is something brewing don't know what, but this time last year his congregation was 86 in attendance and now it is down to low 70's and young people are non existent. He was surprised at the reaction as I think on balance it should have been left alone period instead of people busily sitting calculating how much longer they want.

    I don't know about the numbers growing as I am not in the UK but up north the numbers are way down as no one seems to be interested in anything being said, we shall see.

    i think that more and more people are fed up.

    My brother is a questioner believe me and they dont like it. Heres a clanger he threw, " if when disfellowshipped a person ceases t be one of Jehovahs Witnesses is his relationship and title as a witness voided?" Answer "Yes' "then why does that person have to go through a judicial committee if he is not a witness as the congregation doesnt see him as one to get reinstated" Answer " its the way it is".

    We shall see

  • Gayle

    interesting,,great that your brother is a questioner,,his perception is intriguing,,

    after the meeting a lot of people were mad that instead of leaving what they do not know they re-invented it. when members finally tap into awareness of that GB tactic of 're-inventing,' and eventually distrust them and realize the GB don't have a clue, and an awareness of the GB harshness, then for many it becomes, bye-bye.

  • Ding

    Great picture, Wannabefree!

    That one photo blows away the current "generation" nonsense.

  • cantleave

    TRuthseeker the attitudes you describe certainly are not prevalent in Southampton or Portsmouth!

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Actually, for it to be accurate, the picture should have 2 more people in order to represent the generation of annointed in 1914. The new light should have the little kid either popping out a baby right now or empty spaces for 2-5 more people.

  • straightshooter

    Very interesting developments. Glad to hear that your brother has such an open mind and has such good reasoning ability. It would be nice if there were more like your brother, it would definitely give the elders a fit.

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