Pentecostal Madness: Panties, Wife swapping, aggression and epylepsy

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  • cantleave

    Be careful with this post, we don't want to upset our very own godrulz!!!

  • Wonderment

    Perhpas we all have seen strange things happen in the JW's religious movement as well. But generally speaking, JW's come across as milder than Pentecostals. Pentecostals for some reason, can become nasty and mean. I will give you an example.

    While I stayed in the Caribbean for a few years, I used to go this Kingdom Hall which incidentally had a Pentecostal Church right next to the KH's backyard, and distance wise, very close. Back then, air conditioning was not common in the island among Church buildings. So, it was almost impossible to enjoy our meetings because all the noise they would make. This went on for months, until one of the elders, which I remember was a very nice mild-mannered man, went over to the Pastor of their Church to bring it to their attention. He got very reactive, even threatening the elder, and told him that it was not going to change one bit. The pastor told the JW elder to seal up the Kingdom Hall if it bothered them.

    Guess what, after that confrontation, Pentecostals got louder. Yes, they raised the volume of their amplifier to annoy us further. Then they started throwing their garbage over our fences. This went on for months, and I came to admire the "Christian" spirit manifested by the JW elders in this case, in constrast with the evil inclinations of the other religious party. We just kept picking up the garbage week after week, month after month. As regards to the noise, the congregation had to save some money before they had air conditioning installed in the KH. Even so, we could hear their noise. I was there for about five years and in most of that time, there was not one sign from any of the Pentecostals to seek communication with us, to calm things down.

    With this experience, I am not implying that all Pentecostals are bad and that all JW's are as good behaving. Like I said before, I have met some Pentecostals which seemed more "Christian" than the average Witness.

  • godrulz

    Your very own godrulz IS upset with so-called Pentecostals who are fakes, frauds, fleece the flock, elevate emotion/experience over Scripture, etc. Classic, conservative Pentecostals like myself (majority) expose the false beliefs/practices (snake handling fringe, etc.) as much as you would want to. The lunatic fringe of charismania is exceptional, not normative. Any individual can also be crazy, so don't assume this is endorsed by Pentecostal doctrine/practice. Pentecostals may be more zealous due to the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8; Acts 2:4). Paul had to deal with fleshly excesses in Corinth. He taught about the use and misuse of spiritual gifts rather than deny them.

    It is easier to cool down a fanatic than to revive a corpse. I would rather channel the life found in Pentecostalism than endure the dead, Pharisaical, oppressive religion in cultic JW/Mormon circles.

    What causes me to lose sleep at night is that the average JW peddles their faith more hours month than most Christians. The reasons are not great why they do so, but we should be willing to crawl on our knees over broken glass to share our faith given the validity of it. I pray for revival and spiritual awakening in the true Church and that the kingdom of the cults would eventually wane in influence/impact. It truly is a spiritual warfare for the souls of men (religion is Satan's tool; relationship with God/Christianity is the real thing, not Coke).

    I don't deny stupid things happen in some Pentecostal circles. Don't forget that United Pentecostal Church is sectish, very zealous, anti-trinitarian (they think I am going to hell), legalistic, wrong in so many ways. Don't confuse this minority group with the largest one, Assemblies of God. There is also variance between local churches and leaders. Just because a JW in NY recently shot and killed people or some are pedophiles, does not mean the religion or the rest of the group condone or practice these things. In over 30 years as a Pentecostal in various churches, I have not seen or practiced most of what offends you and me. As an elder/former pastor, I would be tuning people in who get off track like some of these anecdotes you report.

  • dgp

    Wonderment wants people to think the Watchtower isn't that bad. "There is worse than the Watchtower". As if that meant the Watchtower is good.

    Some days ago he was asking what religious group was the most intolerant.

  • godrulz

    Just because there are corrupt lawyers and doctors does not mean all are. Just because there are medical quacks does not negate the truth of evidence based medicine. Jumping to conclusions/stereotyping is not fair.

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    You are a quack, now what.

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    Aren't there any Anti-Pentecostal sites out there for our friend, Godrultz?

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    Yes, but they won't have him, Lucky us......

  • AwareBeing

    That sounds pretty bad; since none in our family is familiar with that. But we did see a lot bad behavior

    at different KH's! A lot of; leg showing, low tops, push-up bras, hip swaying, and fast jello bottom strutting

    in summer dresses. Many elders, pioneers, and their young and grown children were often the most brazen.

    Including; flirting with married ones, bending over, drooping down, draping on the counter, scooting out further

    from a dress (by useing the "inocent" slouch technque), cropped hi - leg crossings, hugging, touching, holding,

    whispering sweet words sometimes to one who has more than a 20 years age difference. In some of the halls,

    we almost never saw it; while at others it was "a constant feature" of their meetings! Some places we didn't

    stay for long, as they were over sexed, publicly gross, and had no cognition of holiness in said "place of worship!"

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    It just keeps getting better.

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