I have a question on the Circuit Accounts Scam thread

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    Think how much good could be done if that money were spent on alleviating Hunger and setting up schools.

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  • snowbird
    There's been eye witness testmony of private apartments, and use of cars and planes at Bethel and of a gb member refusing to stay with congregants but rather at a very fancy hotel during a visit to an island country. I think I remember who told that first story, so I'll verify with her and get back to you. As for the island story, does anyone remember who it involved and who told the story?



  • sabastious

    The way they handle the money at the conventions is a strategy for getting the most money out of their pockets without raising any suspicions. Remember the Watchtower's MO is to appear like they don't have a membership fee or tithing arrangement... and they do a good job.

    It's actually a very straightforward scam and only cult members would fall for it. If the Watchtower wanted to be an honest religion then they would be up front with how much they have calculated they "need" and honest with their members.

    The Wachtower is a train wreck of bad ethics.


  • Paralipomenon

    Someone else mentioned that the "approved list" of hotels was part of a scam as well. The organization makes a deal with a hotel to book X rooms for a discount. In a means of compensation, the organization is offered a couple rooms free of charge that they use for visiting speakers.

    Really, nothing wrong with that and I don't think any witnesses would have a problem, but the fact that it is covered up rather than explained is something I have issue with.

  • snowbird

    Exactly, Para.


    The sheep can handle it.


  • jay88

    oppostate - jay88 wrote: "Russel started a series of corporations. There were 50 stockholders who could vote. This number never changed. Russel gave away "stock" in exchange for contributions but that stock was not voting stock. He later got most of that back anyway."


    I knew it was suspect, but still worth considering. Like I mentioned in the post is was from a particular poster.


  • jamiebowers

    Thanks for the link, Snowbird!

  • CuriousButterfly

    Snakes you are pretty much on point with your explaination. Our assembly hall is owned for a SAD they throw figures in excess of $12,000 for the daily expenses. I cannot understand HOW people cannot question the dollar figure. I sit there and think bullsh*t and grateful I handle the monies so as to make sure nothing is donated for the assemblies.

  • Terry

    A good thing to remember is that it is easy for a religion with tight control to squeeze lotsa money out of people!

    7 million JW's?

    If you get a dollar a week out of them do you know how much money a year that amounts to?

    52 [email protected] $1=$52 x 7 million=$364 MILLION DOLLARS a year!!

    Do you think the Watchtower Corporation is hurting for cash with $364 Million a year?

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