Am I nuts or something?

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  • Terry

    Instead, you might want to look at organizations or groups that you are passionate about and then do some volunteer work.

    Here is my latest gig.

    Back when I worked in a bookstore I met all sorts of people. Some of them intersting:)

    On such fellow is 80 and a former minister. He is missing a leg and gets around on prosthetics.

    I drive him on Sundays to a local hospital where we do volunteer work with very old people (almost always ladies) who have no prospects of a future.

    They don't get visitors either.

    We get them together around a table and talk to them about what bothers them, what hopes they had/have, how they feel and read scriptures (of their own choice) and ask them what it means to them. There is no didactics. It is giving encouragement.

    Quite wonderful.

    It makes me clearly see how awful the JW method of "helping" others is.

    I reccomend it to any and all.

  • Quarterback


    You sound like you are enjoying that volunter work that you are doing. It's nice to spend time with people, and whether it's physical, or mental work it is rewarding if it is helpful work.

    I will retire soon myself, and I look forward to helping with some hospital work.

    The main thing is to stay happy, and fulfilled.

    Peace to ya,

  • jamiebowers

    Any book that shows the similarities between the Watchower cult and other cults is an excellent idea. It will help a lot of people.

  • NewChapter


    I kind of agree with Mad Sweeny. I think it's good to understand other cults. We have that special knowledge that comes from years of pain. There are many worthy causes---this could be one. Who knows what you will learn and what connections you will make. Having been an insider you will have a different take than those on the outside trying to understand. It may even give you closure. I would be interested--but that's me. I am fascinated by our similarities and when I see them I am reaffirmed in judgement of the org. They aren't all that original or special. That really keeps them in their place.


  • Terry

    I'm thinking about with a long hmmmmmm....

    I can always stop if I get bored.

    I'm also interested in checking out a local Unitarian Church where, I hear, they have an exotic assortment of teachings! :)

  • Chariklo

    Comparing Mormons with JW's? Go for it Terry. You're not nuts. It's a great idea.

    Only thing is, you might end up nuts or at least wishing you'd never started it...but I bet you'll get a lot of fun out of it along the way!

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