Am I nuts or something?

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  • Terry

    I retired in the middle of May.

    I know many of you would love to have endless free time on your hands too.


    Ummm, well....

    I'm use to being very active. I use to stand on my feet eight hours a day.

    At the bookstore I'd have to squat, stoop, stretch, lift, walk.

    I had to sort, answer question, make change. I even used my brain!

    But now.......

    I'm like a brain in a bell jar.

    I've been thinking of ways to stimulate my brain.

    The latest weirdo idea that popped into my head is crazy as hell.


    I was scoping out the website and comparing it with the Watchtower website.

    I wanted to see who had the best design and what made it so.

    In the process I saw this link. You can click on it and a real, live Mormon will answer your questions!

    Wow! Now that is a GREAT feature.

    I couldn't think of anything to ask, so, I didn't fool with it.

    But, it set my mind a clic click.

    Would it be FUN to pretend to be interested in the Mormons and their teachings?

    What if I invited some missionaries over to study with me?

    See where this is leading?

    What if I went through all the steps of a neophyte and wrote down what happened each day and logged my "progress" and

    created a book COMPARING JW's methods to Mormon methods?

    Would it be worth the time and trouble?

    Or, am I desperate for something to pass the time?


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    If you have the energy and interest, I would say do it.

    When it is over you would have a document that is valuable to both exiting Mormons AND exiting JWs. We need more connections with other ex-cultists, IMO.

  • GOrwell

    might make a good book...

  • journey-on

    You're obsessed. Face it.

  • mummatron

    Not nuts at all. It would be very interesting for the socio-anthropological perspective as well as for the theological.

    I have lots of unanswered questions about Mormonism, such as why are their elders so young, and if caffeine is forbidden, why do they eat chocolate seeing as it contains naturally occurring caffeine?

  • MrFreeze

    Sounds like an interesting project. Some people build puzzles. Others garden. If it interests you I say go for it.

  • freeflyingfaerie


  • thetrueone

    Would it be worth the time and trouble?

    Or, am I desperate for something to pass the time?

    I don't think you'll find anything thing really that different from that hierarchal cult, it has the same and

    similar alluring aspects as the WTS. The over all guidance and control by the divine one in the sky BS.

    A web page of theirs I looked at not too long ago had the similar book publishing commercialism with the END TIMES

    prophecies all intact . More fear mongering from the religious charlatans etc. $$$

    There's so much more attainable knowledge within the sciences that would far more worth your while now that you have the time to do so.

    Bullshit comes in many different sizes and shapes but when you come down to it, its all really the same bullshit.

  • satinka

    Terry, just my two cents, but you might want to get a life. Unless you are obsessed with cult-dabbling, you might want to leave well enough alone.

    Instead, you might want to look at organizations or groups that you are passionate about and then do some volunteer work.


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    With respect to the late John Hughes: 'Cult-busting is sort of a life. Demented and sad, but a life. Right?'

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