Jesus Making JW the "True" Religion

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  • Cali Guy
    Cali Guy

    This thought has been crossing my mind frequently lately. JW have undoubtably not always been correct in their interpretation of the bible. Yet, the WT claims that they are the true religion. If Jesus did make one religion the "true" religion, why would he pick them? Yea, they did use the name Jehovah almost exclusively. But has this really helped their cause? It would seem as though they're using that name has isolated them, brining dislike to it. Since JW have not always believed what they believe as of today, and that through holy spirit Jehovah is giving the members of the GB truth at the proper time, why wouldn't he have given these truths to a larger religion. This would imply that he really wanted only a small number of people to make it into paradise. Other religions could have evolved as well, it's not like JW have pure beginnings.

    I'd love to hear all of your thoughts! Much Love!


  • Nobleheart

    He didn't. There is no scriptural backing whatsoever for 1919 as the time Jesus chose JWs --- Bible Students as the sole channel. The new "God-bearing name" came in 1931, supposedly they needed even more refinements 12 years after 1919 until they received the present label.

    I wonder why Jesus didn't give them the name Jehovah's witnesses right upon okay-ing them, it would be proper..biblically speaking.

    i.e. Jehovah changed and gave people new names, t o establish a new identity. God changed Abram’s name to Abraham "father of multitude" and his wife’s name from Sarai to Sarah “mother of nations”. God changed Jacob’s "supplanter" name to Israel “having power with God”. He changed Simon’s "God has heard" name to Peter "rock". Followers of Jesus were given the name "Christians" by divine providence (Acts 11:26).

    Or rather the name Jehovah's witnesses was just a personal decision of Rutherford to set them apart from Russellites and other schism groups.

    Apart from celebrating holidays, using the cross, smoking, accepting blood transfusions until 1945 etc, Bible Students were worshipping Jesus and it was okay to pray it him until the '50s. Both Jehovah and Jesus making them polytheists.

    So Jesus appointed a polytheistic religion in 1919 according to the WT.

    Jwfacts has a great diagram that shows the circular reasoning applied by JWs as to their selection in 1919 in the "15-minute-guide-to-truth" Section.

  • IsaacJ22

    A few things regarding their use of the name Jehovah and claiming it's a big deal:

    Actually, it's supposed to be Yahweh. NOT Jehovah.

    AFAIK, technically, even Yahweh isn't God's actual name, it's more like a title you can address him by. It was once believed that knowing the name of someone--even a god--gave you power over them. So Yahweh didn't allow his true name to be known. Of course, that's secular historian stuff. (I am an atheist, mind you.)

    Yet the WTS claims that switching from Jehovah to Yahweh doesn't matter even though they make a big deal out of using God's real name. ???? That makes no sense. Either God cares that you use his title correctly or he doesn't. Pick one. If he doesn't care, then we should be able to call him God, Yahweh, or Jim Bob. Why would it matter?

    It would all make more sense if they just changed their name to Yahweh's Witnesses. Then again, Jehovah's Witnesses is kind of like their brand name now. Nobody would know who they were if they did that.

    Regarding the changes to their teachings and the claim they have a direct line to Jesus:

    I just don't see any reason to think they're any more likely to have this connection than any other religion. The GB seems to be claiming that Jesus somehow manipulates their decisions from afar, like a feint shadow on their minds, instead of just popping down to WT headquarters or making a phone call and telling them what to do or what to teach. If Jesus really wanted the WTS to be his true religion, why not guide them more directly? Why would the WTs divine leader choose to lead with a whisper the GB can barely hear at the best of times instead of sending them visions, or making each of them reach the same conclusions at the same time? (That would actually be quite impressive when you think about it.) Unless, of course, that divine connection doesn't exist and they're no more divinely inspired than any other group.

    And how can they say they're getting closer to the God's real "truth" when they keep backpedalling on their decisions? If Jesus were truly "nudging" them in the right direction by subtle supernatural means, you'd expect some consistency. Instead, the GB are more like the Supreme Court. They change their minds with the times, probably when new members are added, etc. Just like any human-run organization would do without any kind of divine inspiration whatsoever. And if Jesus isn't helping them reach their decisions, then they're just a bunch of old dudes with high opinions of themselves.

    Note that articles written online by former Bethelites and members of the writing committee seem to suggest it's the writing committee who comes up with most of their great ideas. Or at least many of them. Not the GB. JWs seem to think the GB spends its days in libraries full of dusty old books, expertly translating and thinking and philosphizing. It seems this is not the case. Unless you assume those former believers are just a bunch of lying apostates, of course.

    I see nothing that truly makes the WTS special, remarkable, or otherwise noteworthy as a group. Nothing seems to mark them as being right except stuff they made up themselves. They are kinda weird by modern societal standards, but so are other groups. Others have similar beliefs. Others preach door to door in many nations. Even if they are in more countries, wouldn't Satan support a group that misleads Christians too? Maybe that's why they are in the most nations. (Let's not even mention how many of those nations only have, like, 2 Witnesses in them...)

    Sorry, this post is too long. :-( My bad. But I could go on...

  • DesirousOfChange

    Why would the WTs divine leader choose to lead with a whisper the GB can barely hear at the best of times instead of sending them visions, or making each of them reach the same conclusions at the same time? (That would actually be quite impressive when you think about it.) Unless, of course, that divine connection doesn't exist and they're no more divinely inspired than any other group.

    Or when they finally do reach some "divinely directed" conclusion by a 3/4 majority, that divine conclusion is deemed to be wrong by another 3/4 majority.

  • Cali Guy
    Cali Guy

    Thanks NOBLEHEART for the info! I wasn't aware that JW hadn't always recognized the name of God. Funny how even being raised for 21 years as a JW I wouldn't know the slightest thing about the beginnings of JW. The only aspect included in the publications was pictures of JW preaching with big signs.

    ISAAC, great point about the translation of the name! I guess the same would have to go for the name Jesus as well as all the others. Not sure if that would be part of the issue. And my thoughts exactly about the visions and the way they receive the info. It would be very impressive, I wonder if they would even let us in on this. They invite everyone to visit Brooklyn, but they barely show much more than tracts being printed! Why should that be the impressive part?

  • godrulz

    The evidence clearly shows that JW/WT is an evolving manmade religion with demonic vs divine origins. Like Mormonism/Joseph Smith, Herbert W. Armstrong/WWCOG, Mary Baker Eddy/Christian Science, etc., any modern group that starts around one man's pet interpretations is a false religion. Christianity rises and falls on Christ. Other pseudo-Christian cults rise or fall on their founder/organization. WT history and leaders are enough to prove that this is not God's organization (not to mention the beliefs that are unbiblical and ever-changing over time under the refinement of men vs direction of God).

  • cantleave

    Godrulz - allreligion is manmade, especially that sick pentecostal stuff you follow.

  • godrulz

    Genesis 1:1 The origin of religion/relationship is from God, not man. False religions are manmade. Pentecostalism has biblical precedent in the early church (Acts; I Cor.), whereas there is no precedent for WT/JW until Russell. They claim Luther in the line of true Christianity even though Luther was trinitarian and Russell was Arian?!

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Where in the NT did Jesus ever use the name Jehovah/Yahweh? HE DIDN'T.

    In fact his example of how to pray to God was..."This, then, is how you should pray: "'Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name". (whats the name?)

    I don't recall anywhere in the bible where Jesus said that people will identify them by using a name repetitively.

    Where did Jesus even say that HIS Fathers name was Jehovah/Yahweh? He didn't.

  • wobble

    607BCE, the year nothing happened (Google it) 2,520 years , a period not in the bible anywhere, 1914 a year that has no significance as far as the Bible is concerned = 1919, the year Jesus did not choose anybody as his religion/FDS.

    = The Governing Body of JW's are self-appointed liars, JW's are the fools that worship and follow them.

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