Jesus Making JW the "True" Religion

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    Russell and Rutherford were following an old Christian model called Limited Atonement, Conservative Presbyterians and Lutherans follow a similar path with their 'Closed Communion' table as well as the Catholic Church limiting who can take Communion. Old theme just a new door to hang a sign on.

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    I would not compare WT 144K to TULIP personally. If anything, WT is almost universalistic since most will be raised for a second chance.

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    Band on the Run

    From my reading of Middle Eastern culture, followed by Native Americans, too. Naming gives you power over the named. Attributes are typically chosen. I AM What I AM is a refusal to be named and, therefore, limited, in any manner.

    There is no saying of Jesus in canonical or other lit. authorizing JWs. The early Christians of many denominations have that claim. The Roman Catholic Church, Protestant tho I remain, has a historical claim. Jesus did not found a religion. Paul did. And Paul had many opponents.

    Altho I was born-in, I find this very embarassing that I ever gave JW legitimacy. Charles Manson had as much. The schizoprhenia on an urban corner had as much credence.

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    So the Watchtower's Jehovah is nicer than the Trinitarian's Jehovah..........who would have thunk it

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