"In this system of things"

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  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    It just drives me freakin crazy when my wife and

    her friends say things like "well, in this system of things

    we will never be caught up in our work at home."

    Or, "in this system of things we will always have

    sickness and death."

    Or, "in this system of things we will always have

    bad weather."

    This system of things is all we got, there ain't nothing

    else out there. The Witlesses are so content about

    living in a future fairy tell paradise that they fail to live the

    only life they have.

    Sour Grapes

  • LostGeneration

    How bout we think up some replies for ya- I'll start

    "In this system of things, brainwashed JWs will continue to take it up the kiester from the WTBTS"

    Ok, probably not a good idea.

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    I helped a couple brothers out on some roofing work some weeks ago, and at one point we took a break and were shooting the breeze. The one brother is recently reinstated, and was telling me about his efforts at personal study. He emphasized that he wants to be prepared when whats coming, comes, and that its obvious that something is about to happen and that if we're not in harmony with Jehovah, than we're done. The other brother as if on queue, said its obvious that 1st Tim and Matt 24 are being fulfilled today. There's a side of me that agrees with them, cuz things are pretty effed up right about now, however, the cynical side of me is saying things have been effed for quite a while, and an argument could be made that things are a lot better in this day and age than some of the ages I've read about or seen on Nat Geo or the Hist Channel.

    JWs hoping this day and age is the end, reminds me of Paul's letter to the congregation in Corinth where he hypothetically muses that the resurrection isn't true, and if thats the case those Christians who believed in it were of most men to be pitied as they dedicated their lives to a futile hope and task. In that sense, you can almost say that those who really do believe it, are worthy of respect if not admiration for at least holding onto the hope they have, and maintaining their faith sticking it out until the end of their lives, even if we view it as a mistaken outlook.

  • Magwitch

    My mother is always talking about this rotten system of things in every other sentence.

    I was riding in the car with her last week and she was honked at and flipped off. So the usually reply is "Oh, this rotten system of things".

    Hmmm..."Ever wonder if it could be your rotten driving mom?"

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    SOUR GRAPES - I hear you! This expression is certainly one of the most grating to me as well. When you realize it's part of the loaded language that's been programmed into every publisher it's quite an eye opener. Then it gets annoying.

    When I hear my wife use the term I feel like shaking her and saying THERE IS NO 'THIS SYSTEM' OR 'THAT SYSTEM'! THIS IS LIFE AND WE'RE LIVING IT!

  • LostGeneration

    I'm more convinced than ever that people are gonna see what they want to see. Of course the media today is driven by disasters as ratings jump up and of course that means $$$$$$ in their pocket.

    But for the JW they are getting spoon-fed this drivel week after week, year after year, decade after decade in some cases that the world is one big shit-hole because Jesus kicked Satan out of heaven in 1914. Then they offer the alternative of eternal life under the iron fist of WT rules and regulations...no thanks to that "system of things"

  • Robert7

    It's sad. My mom lives this depressing life that is never fulfilled, because EVERYTHING around her and EVERYTHING that happens is BAD. It's sad that she can't take any enjoyment to enjoy things today, because in her brainwashed mine she has to look forward to the new system. There's nothing I could ever say that would make her acknowledge that at least something is better today than in the past.

    "In this system of things" is just another form of major brainwashing and control.

  • Quendi

    What's really sad about the expression "system of things" is that even though you read it in the New World Translation, that is a most inaccurate translation of the original koine Greek. The correct rendering is "age". But since most Witnesses will believe anything the WTS says or prints, they have no idea about how they have been subtly maniuplated. They employ a jargon that is stilted and awkward. Most non-Witnesses have no idea what is being said at the meetings unless they have an interpreter. But that doesn't strike Witnesses as a sign that something is wrong. Instead, they comfort themselves with the bogus notion that they are speaking the "pure language" which Jehovah has lovingly taught them through the good offices of his "organization". I'm just happy that I have returned to speaking American English.


  • serenitynow!

    "System of things" is awful, but I don't think anything is worse than "The Slave." I lurk on JW FB sites and they're always saying "the slave said..." It is sickening!

  • carla

    'this system of things' !!! ugh! another one of those icky jw buzz words that makes me crazy! I do not let my jw get away with this EVER! I begin to tell him about history (pick your wretched time in history) and teach him what life was really like. I just cannot tolerate such absolute ignorance,(and it is an ignorance by choice). My jw is pretty good about not using jw buzz words around me now and we don't know any jw's so I guess he has learned to use that language with the other nutjobs and not around normal/worldly people.

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