How honest is the Watchtower (about its own history)?

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  • Fernando

    Why do Watchtower religionists repeatedly, dishonestly, blatantly and deliberately misrepresent Rutherford as denouncing “false religion” and “false religionists”, when in fact he repeatedly and clearly denounced ALL religion, and ALL religionists?

    If they cannot even be trusted in print and when quoting their own publications, it seems everything is suspect and must be checked.

    Greetings and blessings


    (Compare jv chap. 7 pp. 84-85 “On Saturday…”; 1937_enemies.pdf pp. 130 & 117)

    (More refs: 1940_religion.pdf; 1937_Model_study.pdf p. 41,63,64; 1936 Protection pp. 6,7 )

  • Essan

    The Watchtower is grossly dishonest about it's history. It ranges from deception and coverup to outright lies.

    IMHO, no honest Witness can learn of the true history of the Society and still believe that it is "God's Organization".

  • sizemik
  • ABibleStudent

    Since the WTBTS promoted "Theocratic Strategy" or "Theocratic Strategy" to its members to use on "Worldly" people, what would prevent the WTBTS from using it on the R&F? I wonder if the leadership of the WTBTS every understood or cared about following Mt 22:38-40 more than it cares about the Organization and themselves?

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • punkofnice

    The WTB$ are re-writing their history and the R&F will swallow it sad to say! Why? Because they're afraid or too ignorant to research the WTB$. After all the GB tell them that if they DO research god will kill them..............soo. (subject to overlapping).

    They believe the WTB$ can do no wrong and would never lie. Any truth they discover about the 'truth' is quickly justified by: 'They're just imperfect men!' or 'Satan has conjoured it up to stumble us!'

    They remain in JW Dreamland....just like Mrs Punk!

  • blondie

    Because in the early 1950's the WTS changed its definition of "religion." Before the early 50's, all religion was considered false and the WTS did not consider itself a religion. They finally got tired of trying to rewrite the dictionary for every non-jw they talked to. There is a Question from Readers that addresses this change somewhat in a 1952 WT I think. No CD at work, so I can't look it up.

  • RagingBull

    yep. Religion is a Snare and a Racket! ... and what's the status of the JWs? A RELIGION. Oh, but that's not a snare or racket. (not a cult either. yeah right)

  • cantleave

    Millions now living may never die.........

    Says it all really!

  • LV101

    they're the biggest false profits ever. it starts at the top and works down. i've never known such scam artists as workers and in business as the witnesses. they take advantage of anyone, anything, and feel entitled to do so. out of several elders i've known maybe only two were endeavoring to be honest men. one of the more honest ones told me everyone sitting in the kingdumb hells was BAD --- not one is good -- well, that certainly makes sense, but a couple were good just going with the law of averages, whatever, but at least he was honest. OOOPS, didn't mean to go off on the r&f, sorry.

    i've never known such a con-artist, dishonest, religion.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    They started lying and rewriting their history right after 1914 when nothing they had been prophesying came true. And they have been lying and rewriting their history ever since. Like most liars they have trouble keeping their story straight and are forever saying things that contradict what they previously stated.

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