If JWs Come To Your Door How Will You React?

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  • godrulz

    They are a mission field at my doorstep, a divine appointment. I tend not to invite them in because my 3-legged mini-pin Chompers would bark and maybe bite (tempting, so I talk on the doorstep. Would a JW ever invite me to their home to talk/study if I preferred that? I will study with a JW until the bitter end, but they rarely want to continue if they know I am informed (I guess I become the spawn of Satan if I teach rather than helplessly need to be taught).

  • wobble

    Two "sisters" called the other day, they are both sweet people, I just caught up on how their families are, said it was kind of them to call, and told them my wife and I are truly happy now, which got me a quizzical look, but they did not pursue it.

    I don't feel it is my duty to try to wake them up, if they ask something, I will explain their error,as I would if they said something inane like "the time is so short", but these two said nothing like that, so I let them go their sweet way.

    Most JW's avoid my place like Satan lives here, they call on every other house, but are frightened of this "lost sheep" for some reason.

    One day one of the new members of the Congo. (a number have moved in) will call by mistake, and then maybe I will have some fun.

  • undercover

    In the last year and couple of months:

    I had two pre-memorial elder visits last year. None this year.

    One brother and his wife stopped by on a rainy saturday. They came under the guise of friendship (he was an old friend) yet had bookbags and bibles in hand. My wife let em in because it was raining. Another 'friend' came by just to say 'hi', yet he was in a suit and carrying a bookbag and bible as well. And he brought some guy I've never known. He did not get invited in. Two sisters came by to 'visit' my wife who wasn't home. They also did not get invited in.

    With the exception of the elder visits, which were officially sheparing calls, I was pleasant, carried on a short conversation but kept it on non-JW or religious stuff. Work, health, family...normal conversation stuff... well for non-JWs anyway. I managet to take charge and keep moving the conversation in a direction that I wanted. The sheparding calls, I said very little. I let them ramble on, was non commital and when they realized I wasn't forth coming with anything, they got the message and left.

  • safireblu64

    [email protected] Jookbeard and Unshackled that's hilarious. I'd simply say but politely say "Not interested" or "I have my own Truth". If I'm in a debate mode, I might challenge them by playing dumb and watch them squirm. hehehe

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