Atheist reasoning

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  • d

    Here is a Athiest video on God.God is a diease of the mind.

  • JonathanH

    I am confused.

  • cantleave

    A link to a Kingdom Song?????

    That really is sick!

  • DagothUr

    Thank you! I will start spamming the song and all the other songs with apostate comments at once!!!

  • unshackled

    LOL. So this the JWN version of getting Rick Rolled? I like it.

  • d

    Sorry guys that was the wrong video I meant to post this one.

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    Funny how the apologists accuse the creator of this video of "Cherrypicking" the negative parts of the Bible out to prove his point. It's that same old ridiculousargument that all of the evil done by God in the Bible is not to be taken literally, that they are exaggerated tales meant to scare non-believers into submission.

    So where does the line start for folks to take things literally? How do we know which parables haven't been exaggerated? The answer is simple: All of the parables that make God and his followers look awesome are the ones to be taken literally.


  • tec
    The answer is simple: All of the parables that make God and his followers look awesome are the ones to be taken literally.

    It really IS simple.

    Christ shows us the Truth about his Father. So if something agrees with His teaching and example, then it is safe to say that it is true about God. If it does not, then it is not true. Perhaps the story is wrong; perhaps the translation is wrong; perhaps the scribes tampered just a bit too much. But very simply, there is no cherry picking. There is only the Truth about God through His Son, the Word of God.



  • PSacramento

    The bible is a revelatory work and a progressive on at that.

    Ancient man wrote according to his understanding, falwed at that.

    When ancient man went to battle, they prayed to God for victory and if they won, God was on their side and if they lost, God was displeased with something they did.

    They wrote accordingly.

    They believed that God was the cause of everything so they blames God or tahnked him, depending on what happend.

    Now, at times God has made himself know and has laid the kaibosh on people, but never without warning, never without cause.

    BUT the issue is, when God is said to be responsible for some horrid act, to approve of some horrific act, to ask for an horrific act to be done in His name, is this truly God? was this juts man justifying the crap he does? was it a false God?

    I truly believe that the answer to what happened in the OT is in the OT AND in the NT.

    God is truly and completely revealed in the OT in the Person and teachings of his ONLY Son, Jesus Christ.

    IF we belives that, then we must reconcile what was attributed to God in the OT with what we know of God as revealed By Jesus and what doesn't "add up" we must find out why.

  • bohm

    How, then, can we not know if parts of the bible (OT, NT) in which God and Jesus display good qualities have been tampered with?

    Surely this is bordering on special pleading.

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