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  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    LOL Mary.

  • sabastious
    1-Prideful, 2-Ingrateful, 3-Impatient.

    Experts at projection they are.

    PridefulThe Governing Body have stubbornly held onto doctrines that spiritually harmed, and stumbled, the people they swore to spiritually protect. Their obsession with "the prize" has clouded their research and tainted their policies. Jesus, in the Gospel, told us to be like children and the Governing Body couldn't be further from the child-like qualities that facilitate "love amongst each other."

    IngratefulJesus left for us a yoke that was easy and a load that was light. Since then many, including the Governing Body, have taken that yoke and attached man made weight to it for over 2,000 years now. They are ingrateful of the gift of life bestowed upon us by forces greater than our own. They demand that we follow their version of "what God requires of us" while, under the cover of their Emerald City, they quietly break their own rules. They are a hawty bunch bent on damning anyone who opposes them instead of refining their own arguments. They have wasted a lot of time attaching fluff to Jesus' simple message of love.

    ImpatientThe Governing Body's impatience is what created the apostate community to begin with. The beginnings of the organization, as history tells it, were riddled with failed predictions due, in whole, to impatience of the Watchtower's leaders. After many decades of "Harold Camping" it, they "wised up" and replaced the dates with buzz terms such as "RIGHT around the corner", "the time left is REDUCED" and "the end of false religion is NEAR." It is the Watchtower's leaders who are impatient on a level unfathomable by the comman man.


  • nugget

    I expect some left out of pride that is possible but not all by any means. It takes a great deal of humility to admit that you made a huge mistake and that the religion you have followed is wrong. It takes humility to accept that you will be villified and demonised by people you have known your whole life.

    It takes pride to assume that there is only one way to believe and that everyone should follow it. It takes pride to assume that you have the right to judge others and you can decide whether someone is worthy to speak to family and friends.

    Ungrateful, I really fail to see what there is to be grateful for. The society gave me guilt and conditional friends, it stole my time and money and peace of mind. It cluttered my mind and made me tired of life. The society by contrast was never grateful for what I did for them they always wanted more. Nor did they respect my dignity or cared about my children despite years of faithful service.

    Was I impatient no I was prepared to back away slowly and do nothing that would embarrass the society. I was not in a rush for the kingdom quite frankly I never wanted the mass destruction of billions. The society by contrast couldn't rush to judgement quickly enough and they are the ones who since the very beginning have told us how close the end of the system is. They are impatient for others to conform and impatient to see us all die.

    It is more of the same all apostates must be the same, feel the same and behave the same. This must be true because all witnesses have to be the same. This is one dimensional religion for idiots.

  • wannabefree

    nugget & sabastious ... very insightful

    They made the assertion that "Apostates" are 1-Prideful, 2-Ingrateful, 3-Impatient.

    The WBT$ is afraid of any Real Rebate..

    Name calling is much easier that pointing out,what we are wrong about..

    If the WBT$ actually had something to publicly debate..We would publicly destroy them destroy them..

    The Watchtower Bible and..


    mutley-ani1.gif image by GeneralWaco ...OUTLAW

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Apostates are also pretty knowledgeable!

    I've learned more about the Bible and JW's on this site over the last two years than in the previous 60+ going to KH.


  • sabastious

    The Watchtower Bible and..


    They refute the apostates from the security of their own stage while they preach, slightly elevated, to their own choir... and even then they still can't muster up a real argument.


  • Gayle

    baltar, is it taped or recorded somewhere?,,not sure if I would be able to listen long.

  • baltar447
  • WTWizard

    Impatient? You are supposed to wait your whole damn life waiting, and losing out on fulfillment in the meantime? And endure hardship that is totally needless so someone 200 years from now can be saved?

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