I fell & Guess What???

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  • KW13

    Take a break from the Wrestling for a few weeks and you'll be fine. Be careful!!

  • sizemik

    Grace! . . . I've just found your thread . . . after all that sunshine, it has to rain on you!

    Hopefully the pain has subsided . . . now you just have to put up with that cast for a while.

    I would recommend no skydiving this summer until that wrist is fully healed.

    Ha ha ha . . . When I was young I used to be into skydiving every weekend . . . and skiing and motor-racing too. Now I'm mid-fifty and I've never broken a bone! . . . touch wood. (can I say that now?)

    Take good care while you're 'comprimised' . . . love to you.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Sorry to hear about your fall and injury. Here's wishing you a full and rapid recovery.

    You said something about giving the medical staff a card telling them how to speak with Jw's at the door? Any chance you could scan and post that here? I would love to see what you used. All these years on JWN with you and I have not heard you mention that before [or perhaps I was not paying attention]. So, I am going to my room..... when I come out can I see the card please?


  • mouthy

    KW13 LOL!!Sizemik,AKJeff >Ron is going to send me it, So you can see the card.

    Thanks all again

  • wannabefree
  • oompa

    awwwww....so sorry gracie.....hope you heal quickly!....wish we were hangin out girl.....oompa

  • mouthy

    WannabeOOmpa Thanks sweetie ,love you too

  • crazycate

    Get better soon!

  • LV101

    keep care of yourself --- falls are hell! i fell november (tripped and flew) over the dogs' bed (i was dog-sitting, LOVE DOGS) on floor and broke my eye? tooth and loosened my front tooth, busted my lip and was trying to get up off the floor before the two dogs were all over me --- oh, and hurt my bum knee and shoulder. i was so grateful i didn't knock all my front teeth out. the dental appointments are still ongoing --- they repaired/fixd teeth from accident and discovered a million more issues. then it was lightening and thundering and one of the boys (the dogs) got spooked and charged into the back of me to enter the house and i fell again right down on both knees. i didn't care -- this was nothing compared to my teeth!

    don't they say most people (elderly, anyway) fall at home and die --- i believe it.

    HOSPITALS shutting doors in faces?????? how can they legally do this -- you mean when they're leaving the magazines? don't get it. i know there are nurses or physical therapists who pick up the magazines/publications after the witnesses leave and trash them but that's all i've heard and in the dark here.

  • mouthy

    OH LV how awful for you!!!!you had it MUCH worse than I ....

    crazycate Thanks To all on board.

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