Do the Harold Campings of the world make witnesses question their own beliefs?

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  • dgp

    Now that Harold Camping has been proven wrong again, er, the rapture is taking place at another date because he is an imperfect man, one question that comes to my mind is whether this kind of fiascos ever make active Jehovah's witness connect the dots and realize they have been deceived as well.

    Also, I wonder if active witnesses ever get to think that if unbelievers were right about not believing Camping, maybe they are also right about something else? Perhaps relying on reason is not that misguided after all?

    I would love to see your opinions on this.

  • Nickolas

    Not a chance. They see Camping as a false prophet but are blinded by the very false prophets who lead them to the falacy of their cherished beliefs.

  • Gayle

    I am not sure that any one thing in the world makes JWs question their beliefs. However, if they are already questioning at some level, when things like this happen, they may start questioning at a more deeper level.

  • bob1999

    I joked with one JW friend about Harold Camping and then said "It kind of reminds me of 1914", she said "don't start".

    I'm not even sure she knows that 1914 was originally to be the END not the "invisible presence" that it is (wrongly) thought of today.


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Yes, I think it does, which is why they don't like discussing it amongst themselves.

  • dgp

    Thanks for the answers. It just popped into my mind that it would be interesting to know whether the number of studies or converts actually drops after any one of these failures. I know for a fact that the people I am in contact with were moved to think that anyone preaching the end of the world is kind of crazy and should be dismissed as such.

    I also wonder if witnesses would change the contents of their door-to-door preaching so that they don't find themselves in the embarrassing situation of saying, for example, that Armageddon is just around the corner, only a week after Harold Camping was proved wrong.

  • thetrueone
  • journey-on

    I think there is probably a segment of JWs that do question their own "end times" beliefs because of people like Camping. It is bound to cause a thinking person to actually....think.

    But, if they are like my dyed-in-the-wool sister, they laugh at people like Camping and shake their heads in pity at him, knowing inwardly that they and they alone have the real inside track....LOL.

  • DagothUr

    I think he's just a loser and is perceived as a false prophet among common JWs.

  • Terra Incognita
    Terra Incognita

    The failures of others only reinforces the Witnesses' belief in their superiority. Keep in mind that, due to their high turnover, most Witnesses aren't even aware of any changes that have been made in the recent past.

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