Walmart, almost $6.00!!??

by Sam Whiskey 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • mrsjones5

    Bought Oscar Mayer bacon last week for .99 cents a wasn't from Walmart.

  • JeffT

    Yuck. Who wants plastic wrapped bacon?

    The market up the street from us sells local, organic, no antibiotics etc pork, best stuff in the world. Last time I looked the bacon was about $5/lb. Well worth it since it doesn't all turn into grease when you cook it.

  • DanaBug

    Bacon and beef are rare treats in my house. If I have to get it, I'll buy the cheap kind which usually burns before it crisps it's so thin. I swear it would be cheaper to raise a pig than buy pork anymore. They eat pretty much anything, garbage disposals. And I bet they would taste a whole lot better. Our pork is really, really lean compared to other countries because they were bred that way. Lean=less flavor, really easy to overcook.

    Sam, if you really decide to raise pigs, consider heirloom breeds. I hear they taste great, like grass-fed beef is to grocery store beef. They're priced like they taste great. How cool would it be to raise overpriced gourmet meat in your own backyard?

  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    Believe me Dana, I'm thinking about it....

  • Terra Incognita
    Terra Incognita


    "Yeah, feed prices have going up because of the ethanol production, so famers are having fewer pigs, and bacon demand is at a high."

    Baltar; the effect on feed prices due to ethanol production had its major impact years ago. The dramatic rise in grain prices is due to major crop disasters.

    • Russia/Ukraine (a major wheat exporter). Up to 40% damage to wheat crop due to drought and intense heat.
    • Pakistan. Extensive crop damage due to massive flooding.
    • Australia (a major wheat exporter). Due to massive flooding, a substantial amount of the wheat crop is downgraded to animal feed status.
    • Canada (a major wheat exporter). Heavy damage to wheat crop due to intense rains.
    • China (a major consumer of wheat). Near total loss of winter wheat crop due to drought.
    • Argentina. Soybean crop substantially damaged due to drought.
    • Mexico. Damage to corn crop requiring a 50% increase in the amount of corn imported from the United States.

    Rest assured that the weather that has caused such damage will continue throughout this decade and beyond. If biofuel production were to be halted right this moment, it would only make a modest and temporary impact on prices.

    Assume the worse from now on. High prices are here to stay.

  • DagothUr

    I already have my own pigs (we raised pigs, among other animals, even before my grandfather was born), but I'm giving up pork because it makes me fat. I rarely eat any meat now, except fish.

  • DanaBug


    Do you have chickens too?

  • WTWizard

    The dollar is becoming toilet paper. The price of a good is the value of the good divided by the assigned value of the currency. When the value of the currency goes down, the price of that item goes up. And, when the value of the dollar goes to zero, the price goes to infinity.

    Now, if they would stop manipulating the precious metals, they would be a true representation of this value. When bacon has been stuck at around $3.50 a pound since gold was around $800 per ounce, it is bound to go up when gold hits $1500. Of course, since gold is not a necessity, prices of gold can move freely. Bacon prices are stickier because everyone wants to sell their product, but when it becomes so expensive because the dollar loses too much of its value, they will eventually have to jack up the price. Really, all this does is brings the price back up in terms of gold so they can remain profitable.

    This is going on throughout the whole commodities sector. Every time you have the CRIMEX manipulating commodities prices, that creates the illusion that the dollar is doing better than it really is. Sooner or later, this manipulation has to end. Prime example: Silver wanted to bust through $50 per ounce, but the CRIMEX raised the margin requirements so people were forced to dump silver futures. They did this multiple times. It did suppress the silver price (and other commodities, since they could sell oil or farm commodities to make their silver margin requirements). But, they are going to be exposed when people want physical commodities. At which point, they will find out that their dollars are toilet paper--and prices will start going up.

    When this happens, the retailers will do their best to hold prices down. After all, gold and silver prices are not determined by people "needing them to survive". The sellers of metals thus lack the guilt factor from the public. However, when it comes to food and energy, if they jack up the prices to match the falling toilet paper dollar, everyone starts guilting them. "Evil, greedy big companies". Plus, they don't want to have everyone go elsewhere--so, to entice customers, they need to hold prices down. However, there comes the time when the inevitable has to happen. And once hyperinflation hits full blast, it is going to happen all at once. Then you will be wishing to go back to $6 bacon.

  • man in black
    man in black

    Armaggedon is coming and you are worried about the price of BACON ?

    My neighbors son once told me that these are pretty good, plus they are already cooked and ready to eat (no fuss, or mess) :

  • unshackled

    Finally a bacon thread. What took us so long?

    You guys wanna go in together and start a Pig farm?

    I'm in Whiskey...but let's call it a Bacon Ranch.

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