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    The fact of the matter is, a huge percentage of "experiences" and "illustrations" used by the WTBTS are contrived or stolen from other religious organizations.

    This little gem: http://www.jesus-is-lord.com/conventi.htm was used at a convention that I attended, yet it's from "false religion". Many talks on convention programs are specific outlines. Be that as it may, if this wasn't on a specific outline, the brother was chosen to represent the Society's views and took an "illustration" from a false religious organization.

    You still have not addressed the fact that the WTBTS changes people's names all the time when they print an experience. Maybe not in every instance, but in a lot of them. Now, why would they need to do that if it's an encouraging experience? If it wouldn't ruin anyone's life, why not print their real name? Because it's false. Because attaching a real moniker to it is impossible because the story can't be corroborated and they don't know WHO it came from. They pull stories and experiences out of the their asses all the time and pass them off as truth.

    I could see that it would be fishy and possibly a false story if it was the first time ever that anyone had heard of this going on in the WTBTS. But it's not. For thousands of people to stand up and say "Yes, this has been my experience as well!"... Then that's thousands of people who have experienced the truthfulness of that "false story". They are witnesses to the fact that it DOES HAPPEN. When one person stands up and says "This happened to me", and then another, and another, until you have thousands of voices crying out at the injustice, then yes it is true. Whether you like it or not. And we apostates are not going to keep quiet and quit spreading these "false stories" because people deserve to know how destructive your precious Watchtower is.

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      Embarrassment? Only the father has anything to be embarrassed about. He's the source of the family’s dilemma.

    That's false dichotomy, reducing the situation to black vs. white caricatures: "He must be wrong, because the organization is always right." There is no room in this view for ever doubting the organization, that he should "make certain of all things", that he should consider other religions if, upon concientious examination, he finds the organzation's teachings to be unfounded or heretical. That is what the Watchtower tells members of all other faiths to do--why should their own members do anything less?

    The "family's dilemma" would not exist if the Watchtower organization did not call for a hostile response to doubters, apostates, and unbelievers who do not progress in joining them. When they discuss "unevenly yoked" spouses, they impute all the blame to one party--they never allow that in a marital partnership, both persons must work together, compromise, and sacrifice for the good of the family. To them, only one side matters. To them, only the other person could ever be wrong. To them, compromise and working together means "Our way or the highway!" To them, it's about sacrificing for the good of the Watchtower Society, and those who don't agree are expendable.

      Shunning? No one did anything they can be shunned for.

    Of course not: such treatment is rarely justified, if ever. Nor is it man's place to make such a judgement (Matthew 7).

      Other forms of harassment? Like what?

    Being "marked" as a bad association?

    Children left out of activities with other children because someone in their family is "spiritually weak"?

    Being embarrassed because their father/spouse "lost privileges"--an unspoken indication that he has committed some horrible sin?

    A spouse treated as "spiritually weak" because they could not keep their partner "in the truth"?

    Perhaps the most insidious harassment, the malicious gossip that spreads throughout the congregation when any "Theocratic discipline" comes to light?

    "If anyone says, 'I love God,' but hates his brother, he is a liar; for whoever does not love a brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen." [1 John 4:20]

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