Okay, you wanted it, you got it:Revised YPA Book Table of Contents

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    Wardrobe Worksheet...Really?

  • scooterspank

    11. What can I wear?

    Remember when it was such an honor to volunteer to serve food? While serving the food, I was counseled on my clothes. I wish I could put my hands on the picture of what I was wearing. It was the beginning of the end. I was trying soooo hard at the time. A**H****!!!!!!!!

  • Poztate
    "Why did Dad and Mom split up?"
    hmm i have never said it that way. I always say Mom and Dad. that is just not JW PC!

    That would be correct in the JW sort of way. It seems to me that the "male role" was always included before the female.

    Naturally that was because the male was vastly more important than the female and should be first.

    I don't know how wide spread it was taught but I remember ( Blondie help) that in cards or letters it should always be him (dad) then her (mom)

  • AnnOMaly

    I don't know how wide spread it was taught but I remember ( Blondie help) that in cards or letters it should always be him (dad) then her (mom)

    I'm unaware of anything official, but I remember this JW-y writing etiquette too. It never made sense to me, if I was the one writing the card, why I should sign my husband's name first as if he wrote the card, and yet it was supposed to be the proper thing to do. Funny how we got hung up on the silliest of things.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    32. How can I protect myself from sexual predators?

    Perhaps it will suggest staying away from meetings...?


  • cantleave

    Indoctrination for minors.

  • TimothyT

    Interesting point:

    "Curiously the homosexual topic has gone from "Why do I have these feelings" to "How can I explain the Bible's view of homosexuality?" IDK just caught my eye."

    Being a gay JW, I HATE this!

    From my experience the JWs have no idea what causes these feelings... and guess what... THEY DONT CARE! They just expect blind obedience even when those who are "suffering with this illness" ie. me, have been on the verge of suicide because of this issue. I understand the bible views on homosexuality but the brothers writing these books have no idea how their doctrines are affecting the minds of young people who will read them and will feel sick, twisted and perverted. It annoys me! Took me a while to get over it myself. Now i feel happy!

    I cant wait to read the article when the book comes out! If anyone has a PDF version, please post! :D

    Tim x

  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    You see, if this book really wanted to connect with young people, they would've included chapters like "How in the name of Jesus Can I Stay Awake At Meetings?" or "Why Does Elder Daddy Act Differently at Home Than at the Meeting?"

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I can write this book, based on the Chapter titles, and it will be A LOT shorter. I'll post the final version later.

  • RagingBull

    CHAPTER 32 - Answer = Keep out of Kingdom Halls (b/c your child could be sitting next to one and the elders would never tell you) & don't let your kids answer the doors when the JWs come knocking. One could be at your door and see something (underage) that they like. they're return visits to will help increase their hours by a mile.

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