Okay, you wanted it, you got it:Revised YPA Book Table of Contents

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  • CaptainSchmideo

    Dealing with Family

    1. How can I talk to my Parents?

    2. Why are we always arguing?

    3. How can I earn more freedom?

    4. Why did Dad and Mom split up?

    5. How can I deal with my parent's remarriage?

    6. How can I get along with my siblings?

    7. Am I ready to leave home?

    Your Identity

    8. How can I make good friends?

    9. How can I resist temptation?

    10. Why should I care about my health?

    11. What can I wear?

    12. How can I boost my self confidence?

    13. How can I stop being so sad?

    14. Why don't I just end it all?

    15. Is it wrong to want some privacy?

    16. Is it normal to grieve the way I do?

    In and Out of Class

    17. Why am I afraid to share my faith at school?

    18. How can I cope with stress at school?

    19. Should I quit school?

    20. How can I get along with my teacher?

    21. How can I manage my time?

    22. Caught between cultures;What can I do?

    Sex, Morals, and Love

    23. How can I explain the Bible's view of homosexuality?

    24. Will sex improve our relationship?

    25. How can I conquer the habit of masturbation?

    26. What about casual sex?

    27. Why don't boys like me?

    28. Why don't girls like me?

    29. How do I know if it's real love?

    30. Are we REALLY ready for marriage?

    31. How can I get over a breakup?

    32. How can I protect myself from sexual predators?

    Self Destructive Behavior

    33. What should I know about smoking?

    34. What's wrong with binge drinking?

    35. How can I break free from drugs?

    Your Free Time

    36. Am I addicted to electronic media?

    37. Why won't my parents let me have fun?

    Your Worship

    38. How can I make worship of God enjoyable?

    39. How can I reach my goals?


    Questions parents ask

    Is there really any harm in arguing with my spouse or children?

    How much should my children know about my past?

    How can I get my child to talk to me?

    Should I enforce a curfew?

    How can I handle conflicts with my children over clothing?

    Should I allow my children to play electronic games?

    What if my child is addicted to the cell phone, the computer, or other electronic media?

    How much independence should I allow my child?

    When should my child leave school?

    How will I know when my child is ready to leave home?

    Should I talk to my child about sex?

    Should I let my child start dating?

    How should I respond if my child talks about suicide?

    Should I hide my grief from my children?

    How can help my daughter gain a balanced view of dieting?

    How can I continue to teach my children about spiritual values as they enter adolescence?

    Our teenage has lost interest in spiritual things;What can we do?

    'Worksheet Locator'

    Identify the real issue 42

    Wardrobe Worksheet 82-83

    To Relieve your Sadness 93

    Write your Thoughts 116

    Plan your Response 127

    My Educational Goals 139

    What Would You Do? 209-210

    Is it Love, or Is It Infatuation? 211

    Are You Ready to Get Married? 216-217

    What Can I Learn from the Breakup? 224

    Role Model Index (on back inside cover)






  • CaptainSchmideo

    Put a beat to it, some looped samples, you almost have some hip hop lyrics (or not...)

  • unshackled

    Thanks for posting, el Captaino. Some interesting stuff in there...

    4. Why did Dad and Mom split up?
    5. How can I deal with my parent's remarriage?
    Maybe my memory is failing but I don't recall these being dealt with directly before. Obviously a growing problem in Dubland?

    Under the Worksheet Locator...My Educational Goals 139 Seriously? Who are they kidding? "Should I really try to finish graduating or just drop out now to be a pioneer?" ...or..."Is the alphabet all that important to know?"

    Questions parents ask....How much should my children know about my past? Do I tell them I was once a relentless self-improving boulangerie owner in Belgium with low grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery?

  • GOrwell

    I do rememeber #4/#5.. some pretty funny pics, if I recall..

  • GOrwell

    I do rememeber #4/#5.. some pretty funny pics, if I recall..

  • jworld

    "Why did Dad and Mom split up?"

    hmm i have never said it that way. I always say Mom and Dad. that is just not JW PC!

    No masturbation, no dating, no sex, no flirting until your married. Then after all those chapters "Are You Ready to Get Married?" LOL

    Curiously the homosexual topic has gone from "Why do I have these feelings" to "How can I explain the Bible's view of homosexuality?" IDK just caught my eye.

  • scooterspank

    Please tell me this is a joke!?!?

  • baltar447

    Ugh, more on Masturbation! Can't the perverts that write this shit just give THAT up, give me a break.

  • maninthemiddle

    My big WTF, is that there are only three chapters related to school.

    Shouldn't that warrant more discussion than that?

    Oh, right, get out of school as fast as possiable and don't have any friends.

  • unshackled

    I'm surprised they didn't slip some GB members into the Role Model Index.

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