Britain is better than USA and Canada Music.

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  • botchtowersociety

    And this is a stupid thread. There is great music from all three countries.

  • truthseeker

    I've lived in the UK and USA and think that the UK has the best music and America has the best movies, but then again I'm biased.

  • Star tiger
    Star tiger


    Don't forget that we would not have any great new music coming out of the British Isles if we hadn't been bailed out by the US during the world wars, and I know this was after the era your talking about but, nevertheless we would all be speaking a different language now, so let's stop being nasty to our good friends we owe them a lot!

    Star Tiger

    p.s I do however enjoy German power metal

  • unshackled

    FINALLY...someone mentioned German music...

  • cantleave

    Eruption, don't forget we gave the world some pretty crap stuff too! We can never be forgiven for Black Lace!!!!!

  • Simon

    Eruption: bad language when there is no need for it won't be tollerated.

    Fact is, there is good and bad music from all three countries. I teld to value the good music more than where it comes from.

  • TD

    I love British music and entertainment. Can't get enough.

    Some British bands were actually more popular over here than they were at home --Go figure...

  • Robdar

    I say HUMPF!!!

    British rock is a derivative of American music. They most certainly weren't playing Delta Blues in GB.

    Wow. I didn't know Canada had rock and roll musicians.

  • eruption

    Lighten up guys, It was meant as a bit of transatlantic banter !!! , thats one of the major drawbacks of a forum like this, non of you know me, I am a joker, i like to tease and have fun by being provocotive and getting a response, and opening up a discussion. Simon,(hey I mentioned the Smiths ) There was no bad language on this thread.

    I wish ther was an icon for tongue in cheek, have a fab weekend, bros and sis.LOL

  • simon17

    Have to go UK on this. Especially for the size. Its like the entire catalogue of US music all came from California. Very impressive.

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