Throw out that debasing music, you sheeple!

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  • tec

    Um well... Man in a box says: Jesus Christ, Deny your Maker. That's the only line in the song that I don't like. For the longest time I would sing along (love the music, the tune, the rest of the lyrics) and then ignore that line. Finally, I just stopped listening to it. Chop Suey is talking about self-righteous suicide (Christ's crucifixion, I presume, since He uses Why have you forsaken me, etc, in the lyrics). Toxicity seems like a play on Christ as well. But like I said, I'm on the fence - except that I saw that interview, and he seemed none too favorable about faith. So I feel like he's attacking it in his songs. He has quite the strong opinions on politics and world issues. I saw him on the Henry Rollins show.

    I like Alice in Chains, and love that song, but I don't like what it says to do, and I do love Christ so I choose Him. Not saying anyone else has to do or think as I am. Its personal. I also love System of a Down, and I like the political and world issues they present through their lyrics... but not the stuff that seems to be an attack on faith and Christ. So it sucks that the music is so good, because the lyrics turn me away, at least in those couple songs.


  • Morbidzbaby

    Tammy, Man in the Box isn't really religious in nature... It's not encouraging people to deny Christ or anything like that. It's basically about censorship and uses animal cruelty as a metaphor... When the lyrics were written, Staley and Cantrell were discussing veal and factory farming over lunch and the song was basically born from that. Veal calfs are kept in boxes (and yes, wallowing in shit), not seeing the light of day or anything else, only what they are being fed (feed my eyes/can you sew them shut). From Cantrell's point it is mainly about censorship, Staley felt it was more about people, being stuck living in the places that they were born and raised in, the day to day routine, which creates a kind of box that you end up living your life in. This was said by Cantrell in an interview on one of their CD sets.

    As for the Jesus Christ/Deny your maker bit...right after, it says "He who tries will be wasted" it seems it's not anti-Christian, but a warning... That's how I take it, anyway. Just thought you might like to know some facts about it .

  • tec

    Interesting! I'm going to look at the lyrics again, then. It has always been one of my favorite, but for that line. Thanks.

  • Morbidzbaby

    No problem! Just didn't wanna see you throwin' out the baby with the bathwater

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    LWT-When I was at Brooklyn Bethel, I looked forward to the day after the "new boys" got the lecture on bad music. They would promptly throw away their CD's into the 'hopper' on their floor.

    Their trash was my treasure.


    I thought I was the only one!

    Thats how I got Tupacs all eyes on me

  • Joliette

    Why do they still have CD's in their photos??? Most people dont even buy CD anymore!

    And I have a feeling Sam Herd is a fan of lil wanye.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I bet my son sums up most JW youth attitudes to music

    I asked him what he thought of the advice in the lit about 'music that debases', using the WT terminology,

    his reply was; "Metal is OK because I don't think it's debasing"

    liked his take on it!


  • WTWizard

    First, who decides what is "bad"? You get an album with a "bad" picture on the front. So what? Does that mean EVERY SINGLE CUT on that album is bad? And, there is always going to be the one song on an album that is "bad". Do you throw away the album because of a single bad song? Last I knew, most CD players have the ability to skip the tracks you do not want to hear--you just program the ones you do want to hear.

    And it is a waste. Throwing away CDs in perfect condition is a complete waste. What ever happened to selling them or giving them away? Is that "passing your sins to others" if they are going to buy the album anyways? So what if they are saving 5 or 6 toilet papers by buying it used? If you no longer want the album and it is in perfect condition, by all means give it away or sell it. Throwing away a CD in perfect condition because the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger orders you to is a waste, plus pollution for the landfill that is usually going to result in another copy being purchased later.

    One person's "bad" song might not be another's. When I was dragged into the cancer, the idiot that dragged me in wanted me to throw away my records for stupid reasons. Why? Because he personally did not like certain songs or artists! Journey? Simon & Garfunkel? If he would have stuck with Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Blue Oyster Cult, at least that would have been plausible. But to order me to throw away mainstream records simply because it bothered him is a waste. It sure did result in a mighty wimpy record collection--not so much in numbers of songs left but in that what was left was blah. And I got nearly all of it back, if not as bought CDs, as downloads--legal and illegal (yes, some of it was so elusive that I had to steal them).

    Now, when is entertainment excessive? Or your music? I can listen to virtually any kind of music and still keep track of what is really going on in the world. In fact, better than I could as an active witless. Just following what is happening with the EPA and the Fed gives me clues--along with Osama ObamaCare and S-510/S-3767. And how long did it take to realize that the US was heading down the toilet? Not very. And moving to Chile? With the US Toilet Paper still the world reserve currency, that would do no good because it will take down the world with it. All it took was enough time out to follow the gold and silver markets, wait for the banks to manipulate silver, and then buy silver. All the while, still listening to music--being able to at least take action means I am not "excessively" involved in entertainment. It's one thing to waste $500 on American Idol, and then be so engrossed on American Idol or 50 Cent that you do not pay heed to what is going on. But, it's another to enjoy these things while keeping an eye on what's going on--and preparing.

    As for the Washtowel? I don't see what they are gaining from their extreme position against most music. I can listen to music, including music with religious themes, themes that are completely "bad" (sex, violence, drugs). and music that is blatantly Satanic--and still watch the things that are going to alter my lifestyle. And I make my own decisions as to whether or not to listen to a song--and most songs I choose not to, it's because I don't think they have enough entertainment value to be worth my time or energy. I no longer worry about what some Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger class has to say about a record.

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