Throw out that debasing music, you sheeple!

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  • undercover

    What I find interesting on this page is that when speaking of "questionable" music it says - in writing, "it would be wise to disgard it". It doesn't say how.

    My first reaction would be if I was cleaning out my CD collection (which I actually do every so often, but not for WT reasons) I would gather them up and take them to a used record/movie store that gives you credit for items that are resellable.

    The message to throw it out, not just recycle it, is given in the art work. This girl is tossing them into a trash can...with no regard to that she's throwing out over a $100-150 worth of music, if purchased new.

    Not only are you purging your collection of music that the WTS doesn't want you to like, you're actually being coerced into throwing money away. And like has already been mentioned, and I did the same thing back when I was in, you end up buying it again down the least the good stuff.

    While this article may not equal the music witch hunts of the mid to late 70s, the WTS is using a more subtle means of getting the same message across. Whether it is successful or not, I'm not sure. It seems that today's youth, even among the JWs is a more independant person. Not so willing to toss out anything just because. Sure, there will be some goody-goodies that fall in line, but across the board, I bet this magazine doesn't generate mass record burnings like the old days.

  • tec


    All those shows have awesome theme songs. There's no way you could forget them!

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    There are some songs I change the station from, Miz. The ones that speak badly or falsely about Christ or God. A few of my favorites (when I didn't really pay attention to lyrics, but just loved the beat or the power of the music) are in that list.

    No one told me to do it though. I just didn't want to enjoy something that spoke badly about someone I love.



    What songs are you talking about?

  • tec

    Alice in Chains - Man in a box. - Deny your maker-

    I'm on the fence with Chop Suey - by System of a Down. Not sure exactly what he's trying to say. Also Toxicity by the same band. I don't think he has much tolerance toward Christianity or faith, from an interview I saw of him once.

    I can't think of another at the moment, off the top of my head. There are a few more though.


  • mrquik

    Never threw any of mine out. Grew up on Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Blue Oyster Cult, Aerosmith.. all of them. Saw the Stones, Eric Clapton, Black Sabbath, Edgar & Johnnie Winters ..... so many more. And look where I am today. Must have been the music.

  • FirstLastName

    I was not even allowed to have a radio in my room until I was well into high school because my mom and dad did not trust me to listen to the right music.

    This article only tells me that the WTS does not trust their members to make choices for themselves.


    Who can forget the one of the Biggist Music Evils..

    The Watchtower ever had to Fight..

    Every JW knew the Evils of doing the Twist!..


    Listening to Music you could do the Twist to..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • jamiebowers
    The JW upbringing in me is tugging at my heart now after reading this. I go through this every so often, where it used to be I'd throw all my questionable CD's away, but nowadays I'll delete certain albums and songs off my PC and MP3 player. After seeing this article, I'm getting ready to do another mass deletion. Thanks UC!!!! (sarcastically)

    Why Miz? You live alone, so there's no conflict there. If you stop being guilted about small, silly things, eventually you wil be able to free yourself of the larger issues.

  • sherah

    These articles are often ignored by most young dubs; I know I ignored the much talked about 93 Awake article (I don't have the WT-CD to reference). Although my parents were liberal, my music/movie collection went 'underground'. The questionable stuff kept out of sight.

  • therevealer

    This is another Asleep magazine that makes me question the purpose of an organization that wants to teach the whole world the way to salvation, even publishing this stuff. Maybe if they stuck with the main purpose of their alleged purpose and existence they could have the same level of success at getting their message out as mr. camping. They already have the same level of failure in prediction.

    Sorry that this was a bit off the original topic, just sayin.

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