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  • wobble

    So, page 2 and no proof yet, I am not surprised, I started a thread some long time ago on a similar theme, several JW apologists weighed in, but after 23 pages, still no proof.

    Jesus chose them (Rutherford's Bible Students) in 1919 ?

    No He did not, as dear Ray Franz said, to believe that He would choose them on the basis of what they were teaching and doing in 1919 is "an insult to Jesus."

    JW readers of this, do you realise what that means ?

    No1919, no 1914, no Time of the End, no GB .

    = The Jehovah's Witness religion is certainly NOT the "Truth" in any way, shape or form.

  • sd-7

    The word "evidently" is proof enough. What more proof do you need? You may hide behind an Ethernet cable, but I see the snake lurking in the shadows!!! Get behind me, Satan!!!


  • cantleave

    How can you prove the unprovable?

    Oh - sorry that is the point of this thread!

  • Pika_Chu

    Raptor Jesus is the one true saviour.

  • undercover


    The link above is to a thread I started some time ago to give apologists the opportunity to PROVE that JWs have the Truthâ„¢

    7 pages and no proof.

    Good luck on your thread...

  • Resistance is Futile
    Resistance is Futile

    One response I recently got from a JW relative to this question was, "I know we have the "truth" because we're the only ones involved in such a massive preaching work". What is the best counter response to this statement? I've got a few ideas of my own, but I'm curious what would be the most effective way to approach this statement?

  • Pika_Chu

    @resistance is futile: are they preaching the RIGHT message?

    are they REALLY preaching it effectively?

    Does handing out literature really help?

    Being global isn't a requirement. This one's tricky, though.

    How do you know the one true god is christian, anyway?

    Luke 10:7: please show them this. Perhaps the best one.

  • wobble

    R is F, that stuff is total bollocks, even the good old SAD's are far more effective in their preaching, just look at their World Report.

    Don't believe the propaganda that JW's are fed, and then they feed it to you, it simply ain't true !

    And the SAd's baptize into the F the S and the H.S not some goddamn organization !

    Not that I am recommending them, but wake up and look at the facts, JW's are full of nothing but B. smelly S.

    If you don't understand any of my shorthand initial type stuff, just P.M me. (Bull smelly S**t) just to make one easy !

    Love and Peace,


  • TheLoveDoctor

    Hears my though, if Jehovah really exists I think with all the shit we've been taught and having more answers than any other religion that I know of! He should be doing better, He's slow, crule for letting it go on so long and i could say a whole bunch of shit but Im gonna let the human and kindness control me.

    get this, were made in his image so if i had 1/10th of the power he suppose to have the world would allready be perfect also if I had a timetable as he suppose to have, my love for mankind would move me to ajust my timetable and act NOW! and those that love rightiousness would praise him. Therefore god exists because someone said he does and the lied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TDaze

    Everyone who has been attempting to give evidence, has done it wrong.

    It starts out with defining what a "god" is, and proving its existence. Then, perhaps, we can start talking about whose god it is, or even if it has the personality traits you say it has.

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