The most horrible,Nasty,Mean,Elder,CO,DO, You ever knew???

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    life is to short

    Blondie said it so well here

    (This is abuse just like child abuse and physical abuse. I'm sure other elders and jws saw this and stepped back and allowed it. I feel that they are just as responsible for this kind abuse.

    There were 2 kinds of abusive elders, the abusive ones and the ones that sat back and allowed it.)

    All the time I was in the religion I was abused by either my parents and I now realize the elders and others who stood by and allowed it to happen. I would try to stand up for myself especially when I was a teenager and after a while I just accepted it as the way it was because everytime but I was always zapped back down by being told "you do not want to bring Jehovah's name into this or that brother and sister are just so old they do not mean to hurt you but they just do not realize what they are saying, or Jehovah is using the elders some are just imperfect and we have to over look some of what they say and do."

    Coming from abusive parents who put me down all the time it was like I had a poster on my back telling the world to treat me like pond scum. When I finally stood up to the fact that we have child molesters in the hall I think I shocked everyone. I now look back to all the meanness and hateful words that were spoken to so many people not just me but I remember single mom's older people, etc just being sucker punched by elders and CO's and spiteful elders wives and nothing was done to stop it.

    The more I look back on my life of being raised in this religion the more I realize how sick it all was and is.


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    Hi Karter:

    I won't mention him by name but he was an older man who thought who the hell he was. On the surface he might seem agreeable but just beneath the surface was a sort of angry streak he tried to keep hidden (good thing he had no real power). He also did not respect the clock and frequently ran over-time.


    I am glad I never got to see the inner workings of bethel up close and personal and the many deluded individuals there. I would never be able to humor them. Also, with what you mention about parents turning their own children in: this seems unnatural to me and a betrayal of the family bond and parent's sovereignty over their minor children. The same also applies to husband and wife turning each other in or tattling and revealing confidential information to be heard by NOBODY outside of their bedroom. They aren't married to the governing body, they are married to each other!


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    I won't mention his name. But,there was one obnoxious elder in the hall I grew up in,and I disliked him even as a little kid. He tried to put his own opinion on the rest of the congregation. He made up lists of off limit music groups and passed it around to the rest of the elder body.

    He also was very judgmental and insulting. He was a grown man and yet he made fun of my brother for the weight problem he had when he was a young teengager. He insinutated to one sister her husband was probably cheating on her,since he traveled often for work. He made a statement from the platform that if your children are disfellowshipped,it's all your fault.

    Most of the elders didn't like him either,he got deleted,but reappointed so many times. He was always involved in some shady business practice too. He started saling insurance without a license and got some other brothers in trouble for being involved in it too.

    I honestly,can't stand the man,and he lives in another state now,and I think he is an elder again. I feel bad for that congregation. He had worn out his welcome at all the English speaking halls here,he eventually had to go to the Spanish congregations. And they didn't like him either.

    If I ever run into him again,I will either turn around and walk the opposite way,or give him a good telling off.

    And two of his daughters are disfellowshipped,but he probably doesn't think it was his fault. I feel sorry for them,for who they had as a father.

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    I wanted to add one example that illustrates this man's callous attitute towards the congregation. I was still quite young,but I felt bad for this particular older sister.

    This jerk of an elder was arranging car groups on Saturday morning. If I remember correctly, it seems like almost the whole congregation was going out that morning. But,he sent this older pioneer sister off by herself. I mean she wasn't easy to deal with herself,but I remember feeling sorry for her. But,not sorry enough to work with her,lol. But,I was under 10 at the time,and I realized then,that he was being a jerk to her. I don't know if any adult took pity on her and rearranged their car group to include her or not.

    But,that is only one example.

  • Morbidzbaby

    There were a few... My brother and I were singled-out because we had an unbelieving father and we were really poor as well.

    For instance, one time, my brother's pen blew up during the meeting and he ended up with ink all over his hands. He went to the bathroom to wash it off and, not thinking, he pushed open the bathroom door and got ink on it. He was not baptized at the time, was still in his early teens actually. He got dragged into the back room with 3 elders who determined that he could no longer give talks or comment because he "defaced Jehovah's house". Instead of just handing him a bottle of Windex and a roll of paper towels, they decided to be a bunch of pompous fucktards about it. And it took FOREVER for his privileges to be reinstated...I wanna say over a year.

    When we were really young, still in single-digit ages, there was one elder in particular who really tried to make us miserable. His wife was a sweetheart, but he was a POS. Always yelling at me and my brother for something or another...stupid stuff like talking too loudly after the meeting (when other kids were YELLING), walking too fast in the hall (when other kids were RUNNING), and sitting on the steps of the stage. I grew up thinking the stage was "holy ground" or something because it was such a BIG FRICKIN DEAL if you dared to SIT on it. I remember many occasions where this asshat grabbed my brother by the ear and DRAGGED him over to my mother over something petty and ridiculous. And on top of it, my brother would then get his ass beat when he got home because he caused my mother to get counselled (when really, it was the elder making a big deal out of nothing).

    I've dealt with my fair share of pompous elders as well. Window washers and carpet cleaners by day; judge, jury, and executioners by night. Example: My mom was overlooked in the congregation a lot when I was a kid. I mean, she practically jumped out of her seat with her hand raised yelling "Ooh! Ooh! Pick me, I know it!!" and whoever was on the platform at the time (usually one in particular) would look right past her, or look right AT her and then call on someone else. Never failed. There were times when she would go 3 or 4 meetings without getting in a single comment, even though she raised her hand for every question. She was also overlooked for talks. I mean, she went a year and a half one time without giving a single talk, and yet it was always the same sisters in the rotation giving talks 2 or 3 times in a 3-month span! And forget about demonstrations! So finally she asked to meet with the elders so they could figure out what the problem was and how she could contribute more to the meetings. They sat back and accused my mother of wanting to TEACH THE CONGREGATION LIKE A MAN! That's not what she was saying at all! She just wanted to comment more and be assigned talks like every other sister. And yet, they made her feel like absolute crap for even deigning to think she could be like everyone else. My dad was present for that meeting...he refused to let her go in and deal with those assholes alone... He wasn't a JW at the time. My mom walked out of there crying, and my dad stayed behind and told the PO "Listen you little fuck, my wife has to be nice because she's a baptized Witness...I'm not...and if you ever make her cry again, so help me God, I'll pound your ass into the crack of the fuckin' sidewalk...are we clear??".... Interestingly, mom got more talks and got called on more after that lol.

    ETA: When my brother approached the elders for reinstatement, he had been going to a different congregation. The elders in his congregation asked the elders in the old congregation for my brother's records. It had been over 6 months of him attending meetings and working his way back. The elders in the old congregation refused to give up his records! These were the same elders with the ink incident as well as making my mom cry. They tried to dig in their heels and say he HAD to go to that congregation and they tried to make him start from scratch again and attend for 6 MORE months. But the elders in the new cong fought and eventually won. Right after they got his records, he was immediately reinstated. Not only that, but his DF'ing was very shady to begin with... He had been seen smoking and said he was going to quit. Then they brought up his worldly gf and asked if they'd had sex. He said yes, and that he was sorry that it happened before they were married. They asked "Will you have sexual relations with this girl again?" He said..."Well, we're getting married, so eventually I will be, ya know?". And they DF'ed him.

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    We've had some twots here in the UK.

    The worse ones are the ones that come over as nice and caring but are masking their sneering judgmental selves.

    There were some I thought were a bit strange or just on a power trip - Ray Shah, Charldon Johnson seemed quite power trippy. Richard Cullen seemed just too pompus for his own good.

    One of the CO's is dead now so I won't speak ill of the arrogant fart.

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    Darrell Holman DO

    Don Amie CO and DO

  • Reality79


    You're good, because if he had said that to me I probably would have punched him in his face for that nasty, uncalled for remark. WTF is wrong with these people???

    An elder I will always have a serious, personal dislike towards is a bastard by the name of David Bailey. He used to be a bethelite with a lot of influence here in england now he's a regular elder married to some broad in one of my old congs. Words can't describe how nasty this guy was to me when I was younger. I told three different elders, but because he was super popular and 'powerful', surprise surprise nothing was ever done. I was just accused of being a "sensitive punching bag".

    I've seen people get punished for far less, but that's what happens when you're not in the clique. When you're one of the bunch, you can literally get away with murder.

    Jehovah WICKEDNESS!!

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