So my Wannabe Elder brother in Law wrote me a letter,gave it to me at court.

by aquagirl 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • rebel8

    I don't understand the back story, but good luck with all the liars. Sounds like a mess.

  • aquagirl

    Mary,thats EXACTLY how it is...He is a less than zero person,wife,child and animal abuser.Scumbag,hates women,gay folks,music and all those who have anything to do with those things.I met him when I ws 10.Hated him at first sight,he used to pinch us "kids" really hard at gettogethers when he was Wrestling with the kids.Really hard! Parasite of a human,who was once,incidently,disfellowshipped for apostacy,cause he refused to shave his beard...

  • Mary

    Aqua, if he's an animal abuser, I'd report the bastard to the Humane Society or whoever you have there. Few things disgust or infuriate me more than people who abuse helpless animals.

  • aquagirl

    Mar,it would make you ill.I did report it,and there was no evidence.The lil critters were "gone".It continues with his sons.The whole family makes me ill.Thats one of the reasons Im looking to move to the other side of the countr.I know evil exists,but I dont have to see it in my own family{relative term}everyday.F'''ing Jws all lie for eachother...

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