So my Wannabe Elder brother in Law wrote me a letter,gave it to me at court.

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  • aquagirl

    Demanding to see my dads will.And berating me for not having sealed his safety deposit box when he died.Funny,he didnt have one.And his entire estate was bought by me,in cash 8 years ago..Hahahahaha.Guess I didnt think it was his business to know.Im thinking that I should send a copy of this demand to the elders of the kingdom hall that he has brown nosing for 30+years,{and is still only a mike guy}.Wonder oif they would like to know that he has been contacting a disfellowshipped apostate?He,my sister{his wife} and 2 of their sons showed up at court today to testify against me,that I have been harrassing me.Havent talked to ANY of them since 12/10,but thy claimed constant harrassement.Were all willing to SWEAR to it.Now,see why I HATE JW"S? OK all of you closet lurker elders,should I send a copy of this rude letter to the comittee?

  • White Dove
    White Dove


    What a mess.

    Actually, he'd just claim necessary family biz.

    It's okay to have that much contact with df'd family members.

  • Snoozy

    I worked in a bank and the bank keeps up on that. If they find a safty deposit box owner had died they automatically seal the box. They check daily! They someone from probate or a representative will have to get orders to allow access to the box. You wouldn't believe how many went unclaimed..

    I remember one lawyer that I kept contacting about a box and he just couldn't be bothered with it. The person had a very large estate adn I guess he figured he worked hard enough or it wasn't worth his time..he just didn't care one way or another about the box..later when I had to inventory it there was so much valuable jewelry and other valuable investments we had to turn over to the state..this was a common occurance in the safty deposit area

    And yet they are always running out of money..strange.

  • Morbidzbaby

    This is exactly why I can't stand JW's in general and hate them even more when it comes to legal matters. It's okay to lie if it's against an "apostate". It's okay to run ahead of "Jehovah's justice" and lie so that the laws of the land screw them NOW instead of having to wait for the Big A. I experienced this firsthand with my ex and his family. Feckin' liars, the lot of them.

  • sinis

    I would think if you could show purchase of the estate that you could motion to have the proceeds returned to you as you were the primary monetary agent. In essence you purchased the estate for your father to live in, and thus want the estate back. The whole purpose of the probate/estate distribution is for assets obtained by a third party who has kin. However, I would think that if the assets were indeed purchased by one of the kin, and the person died, that kin should be the sole heir. I hope you have kept receipts, etc and supplied them to the court. Also, to rub salt in the wound I would counter sue your BIL for court fees, attorney fees, etc.

  • aquagirl

    Thanks.Yeah,its funny,when my house exploded,total loss,neither he nor my sister even inquired about me in any way.But I guess JW logic is funny that way...

  • MrFreeze

    well aqua, you are dead to them so what do you expect?

  • aquagirl

    'Tis true...Hope I can get over the tragic

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    UGG! He sounds like a creaper!

  • Mary

    They showed up in court swearing under oath that you were 'harassing' them? What exactly are they saying you're doing to them? Ya, it sounds quite typical: he's a big fat zero in the real world, and he figures the only way he can be Mighty Kong is to have a title within the Borg........frigging idiot.......

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