If you dont' have anything nice to say, don't say it

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  • tec


    Took me a minute to figure out what that ^^^ was about :)

    Peace gentlemen,


  • tec

    Farkel has made a good point though. Christ called it like he saw it. He had patience and compassion with those who were sincere... but for those who were being hypocrites, well, he let them know the truth about what was in them. Perhaps that was compassionate though, as well... as a warning to them about their ways.

    We don't tend to see as clearly as Christ though. Logs in our own eyes and all.


  • talesin

    Isn't everything 'game' here, on the internet? Seems nothing is sacred here,,, but in RL,

    If you ask my opinion, you're gonna get it. If you don't ask -------> pour moi, c'est 'ferme la bouche'.

    Pet Peeve:

    I never ask people's opinion of my appearance (not one to fish for compliments, and don't wanna be critiqued unless you're the director, and I'm the talent).

    You don't like the colour of my hair/clothing/lack of makeup, etc. Well, shut it, then! Who asked for your frickin' opinion? NOT ME~!


    *MYOB* klass

  • pirata

    Sorry guys, there was really no deep meaning intended here. I was feeling jovial (or moronic, even), so decided to have some fun, but I'm not sure everyone realized that (or they realized that all too well and are pulling my leg). It is filed under Jokes and Humor...

    @OUTLAW, Once while giving a talk, I held up my finger to indicate it was point #1, but accidentally held up my middle finger instead of my index finger. Suffice to say, no one remembered my point, but they did remember my gesture!

    @ziddina, cool trick!

    @moshe, great story. Being too "nice" is sometimes worse than not saying what needs to be said.

    @Judge Dredd, If I move my chair closer, what do you plan on doing?

    @Farkel, Your brutal honesty stings a little, but point well taken.

    @White Dove. Indeed. The delivery, more so than the message, is often the deciding factor as to how the message is received.

    @talesin, You're looking a bit blue in your picture... I was asking for it wasn't I? :) Being on this forum has helped me a lot to learn to deal with conflict and differences of opinion, but I still have a long way to go.

  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread
    @Judge Dredd, If I move my chair closer, what do you plan on doing?

    I plan on listening.


  • talesin

    lol @ pirata

    Hey, are you making an unsolicited comment on my appearance????

    JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!

    But, I agree, In RL, there's no reason to say anything negative,,, unless someone honestly wants to know --- eg. what do you think of my resume? does it need work? or do you like my new haircut? (now there's a leading question ,,, LMAO!~)

    but seriously,,

    Being on this forum has helped me a lot to learn to deal with conflict and differences of opinion, but I still have a long way to go.

    The 'net is not real life,,, some/many people are more confrontational online because they are hiding behind a keyboard; also, you are not choosing who you hang around with, AND (big one), due to lack of body language, facial expressions and tone-of-voice,,, it's easy to think someone is being confrontational when they really meant no harm whatsoever ...

    sooo,, imo,,, you may not have as far to go as you think.

    If you can deal with online discussion boards (I'm not very good at it, I still get hurt/insulted/angry - pick your poison - just read some of my threads to see how my buttons can get pushed), then you are probably doing very well in RL.

    my 2


  • pirata

    Just to emphasize the point:

    I didn't start this thread because I was annoyed at anyone in particular. It was not meant as a whine thread (though I can see how it can certainly give that impression). It was a lame attempt at humor (the first post was blank because I had nothing nice to say. That's the joke. Not funny, I realize that).

  • ziddina

    Oh, please!!

    I got the joke immediately when I read the thread title and then saw that Pirata's first post was blank!

    Like Pirata said, it is posted under "Jokes & Humor"...

    Some people are just too serious... And they ought to lighten up before they give themselves a heart attack - humor is the best medicine, you know!!


  • TD

    Dry humor mostly falls flat on the internet. At least mine does anyway!

  • Lozhasleft


    Loz x

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