Do You Think You Would Be Terribly Missed If You Died?

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  • moshe

    FYI, On the yearly memorial date of the death of a parent or child, Jews stand and say a prayer in Temple in remembrance of their dearly departed. It's called The Mourner's Kaddish and is recited in Hebrew- I have included the English translation and Hebrew transliteration. Most non-affilated Jews still find the time to go to Temple to say Kaddish for their dead parents.

    1 May His great name be exalted and sanctified is God's great name Yitgaddal veyitqaddash shmeh rabba
    2 in the world which He created according to His will! Be?alma di vra khir'uteh
    3 May He establish His kingdom veyamlikh malkhuteh
    4 and may His salvation blossom and His anointed be [veyatzma? purqaneh viqarev (qetz) meshi?eh
    5 during your lifetime and during your days be?ayekhon uvyomekhon
    6 and during the lifetimes of all the House of Israel, uv?aye dekhol bet yisrael
    7 speedily and very soon! And say, Amen. a be?agala uvizman qariv ve'imru amen
    8 May His great name be blessed yehe shmeh rabba mevarakh
    9 for ever, and to all eternity! le?alam ul?alme ?almaya
    10 Blessed and praised, glorified and exalted, Yitbarakh veyishtabba? veyitpaar veyitromam
    11 extolled and honoured, adored and lauded veyitnasse veyithaddar veyit?alleh veyithallal
    12 be the name of the Holy One, blessed be He ,a shmeh dequdsha, brikh hu.
    13 above and beyond all the blessings, le?ella (l?ella mikkol) min kol birkhata
    14 hymns, praises and consolations veshirata tushbe?ata vene?emata
    15 that are uttered in the world! And say, Amen. a daamiran be?alma ve'imru amen

  • nugget

    I hope so I have told my family I expect weeping at my funeral and lots of flowers. Good god my husband can't work the cooker, the washing machine or any of the TV remotes once the children leave home he'll be desperate. Now he isn't in JW land no young girls will be throwing themselves at him wanting to wash his underpants.

    I love being me.

  • oompa

    so read the local obits?....why?.....that kinda creeps me out!!!!.......oomps

  • dozy

    My local pub landlord would be distraught ( or at least his bank manager would be! ) and the chaps at the local kebab shop. Otherwise - immediate family ( albeit their grief would be somewhat eased when the insurance cheque is received ) & maybe a few friends. I've already booked the venue for my funeral wake - the phone box on the corner of the street.

  • mouthy

    They would miss my purse strings.(grandkids, great grandkids)
    But not me~!!!!
    I have hundreds of friends.Who tell me I must stop asking
    to "GO HOME"weather it is in the ground or a "better"place
    because I make em laugh!!!.So I am gonna make a tape
    to be played in the funeral says" If your crying out there
    Shame on you,I am where I want to be,& if your laughing out there
    shame on you,You kept saying I should stay.What a bunch of hypercrites
    Look for the floating figure in the white sheetI will return

  • St George of England
    St George of England



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  • Farkel

    Ha! I love most of these posters on this thread because they don't take themselves any more serious than I do!

    Life is grand. Death is meaningless. It certainly is for the dead, anyway.

    Get used to it.


  • sammielee24

    St George...I absolutely LOVE that picture! Cute beyond words....put me in such a good mood! Thanks...sammies

  • LouBelle

    Initially, yes, by those that are left behind, but I also know that eventually they too will die and then no one would know that I ever existed. Life is so fleeting and us everyday people are soon forgotten. It would be like I never did - that is kinda hard to absorb.

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