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  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    She is very reasonable with me and understands where I stand on JW related issues. That being said, her thinking now is that, despite its imperfections, the JWs are the best organized religion available. She doesn't believe that the Governing Body are divinely blessed, but she does feel that they are trying really hard to take care of the worldwide congregation to the best of their ability. She also isn't as interested in religion and spirituality as much as I am. Where I see glaring faults that I can't let rest, she sees human mistakes that might be corrected later and for now, she just lets it roll off of her back. I wish I could be that laid back about it. But as was mentioned earlier, I can't pretend to not know what I do know.

    Franklin, you stated the above in your response to me. And all I can say is WOW!

    This pretty much sums up how things have gone with my wife. She is very supportive of me and yet can let so many things roll right off her back. She doesn't care much what people think because she is a true believer in that people that don't know your circumstances/feelings are in no position to judge. But she still feels despite perceived mistakes/imperfections that this is God's organization.

    It is admittedly easier to have someone who, though they may not accept your views, accept you for who you are. And in particular, if that person is your mate.

    As far as God goes, I must admit that as expressed in my previous posts, I'm not sure what I believe. It doesn't really bother me right now. But if he is real, I refuse to accept that there is any sort of harshness or rigidness on his part, as is expressed through his supposed "slave."

    And I no longer blame myself for having questions. I accept that it is natural, normal, and a BIG part of life as we know it.

    Best regards my brother. I'm really happy for you.


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