Dear Mr. Gates ....

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    Yeah, SBS has always been designed to be the only FSMO Master. Although you CAN run additional DCs in an SBS network for redundancy. It's hard to beat the features for the price. And yes, SBS boxes do require more ongoing maintenance, which is not necessarly a bad thing. Server should have regular monitoring and maintenance anyway and it's easier to sell a maintenance agreement when there is a more complex setup. I know that MS considers it not a best practice to run a service like Exchange along with AD since they will both compete for memory and resources but if Exchange and SQL services are restarted every once in a while it isn't a big deal. Also on SBS it's important to put limits on SQL server isntances as well those will impact performance far more than Exchange will.

  • talesin

    I.T. professionals do tend to come across as rude (Or so I've been told) but it's not intentional....

    Well said, but is it really 'unintentional'? Later comments would indicate differently .... eg,, sick of helping people who aren't grateful, etc. Whatever! get over yourselves!

    like everything in life, it's best to not assume that you are talking to an ignoramus, and discretion is the better part of valour,,, in other words, stop assuming that everyone that's not an IT specialisit is stoopid.

    just a thought ....


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    A lot of people aren't even a little bit grateful. Especially friends, relatives and neighbors who expect your services all the time for free. It's really easy to get jaded after awhile, especially when they bring the same machine back in 3 months with the same problem.

    I'm intrigued by your original issue. --An automatic update from IPv4 to v6 a Win7 machine? Do you believe this was a Windows update?

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