Dear Mr. Gates ....

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  • MrFreeze

    You'd best believe companies like Norton hire people to create the latest computer virus. Supply and demand... supply and demand...

    I've built my last two computers. And no Microsoft is not evil. It's just a company that is designed to make money, like any good company.

    And by the way, Mr. Gates sold most of his Microsoft Shares a couple years ago. Still owns majority though...

  • HintOfLime

    I just noticed on the Microsoft Support page that I posted that below the Fix-It buttons they lists 6 steps (with sub-steps) under "Fix it Myself"... including running RedEdit and entering hex values.

    Below that is a section "Advanced Steps" with the important tip: The following steps are for advanced users only.

    Wait.. so running regedit and mucking around with registry values isn't? I can just see my mom feeling comfortable firing up regedit, navigating to the right key, creating a new 32-bit DWORD, and entering in hex codes.

    Oh well. At least Microsoft provides the information, I guess. But really all of it should be under the "Advanced Users Only" header.

    - Lime

  • talesin


    I've been reading W7 Bible, and it has really good tips for the new o/s.

    just a thought...


  • talesin

    oh, and Lime,,,

    if you go to, the help there is great. it's real computer hackers and such, that help regular people out in a Q&A format. Free, reliable, and vry good reputation.


  • TD

    I.T. professionals do tend to come across as rude (Or so I've been told) but it's not intentional....

    Server problems tend to be full-blown migraines and starting over with a fresh install is almost never an option, especially for a small business that might be running an SBS box. It's easy to get used to that fact of life and then forget what it's like for normal users.

  • darthfader

    I usually make a habit of wiping my hard drive re-installing the OS about once a year. Funny thing it was ususlly necessary with XP (and previous versions of Windows), but with Windows 7 -- ive been on it for a year with no real issues in performance or "odd behavior"...

  • TD
    I usually make a habit of wiping my hard drive re-installing the OS about once a year

    OMG Why?

    Acronis TI has been available for free from the major hard drive venders for a while now. Why not just restore to an image if all else fails?

    (Hope that wasn't rude )

  • botchtowersociety

    That's why I quit giving free tech advice to anyone other than family and very close friends. I refuse to take the shit without some dollars to go with it.


  • baltar447

    TD, I work all day with SBS boxes, so what you said is true. I also work with residential users pretty often, and I usually judge reinstalls on a case by case basis. Some reinstalls would be more trouble than fixing the original problem, especially when users bring me systems where they "don't have" all the disks to their most prized programs.

    I've been using Acronis for years and it's saved client's bacon on many an occasion and reduced an outage to a 2 hr recovery time once parts were replaced. Also check out Macrium Reflect. It's a little more work to setup, since it relies on scripting, but it's only $40 compared to Acronis TI server which keeps going up in price. Natively supports BartPE, WindowsPE making it cake to setup recovery disks.

  • TD

    Thanks for the tip baltar. I'll definitely give Macrium a try.

    I work with SBS too, but no longer recommend it. It wasn't just running Exchange on the DC, which even Microsoft acknowledges is not a best practice --- It was forcing a shutdown as soon as any FISMO role was handed off that changed my mind. But if that's the direction the customer really wants to go, who am I to argue? It's probably more billable hours in the long run....

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