sibblings not attending daughters wedding

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  • focariedu21

    Hi guys hope your all doing well, as you may recall my daughter is getting married soon in a couple of weeks in fact and we're inactive jws haven't been to a meeting for many years so we're pretty much like dead spiritually in the eyes of jws and my sibblings. These are the same guys that refused to take care of mum and dad when she was alive and took me to court revoking my power of attorney and eventually placing mum and dad in a home and died soon after. we dont speak to each other any longer as they ddestroyed everything I loved. My lovely daughter decided the right thing to do is to invite them to the wedding anyway and see what their response would be, I personally didn't like the idea but allowed her to follow her heart so she did and I just got a reply of non attendance. My untie who is not a jws called them and decided to disgrace their non christian behavior and called them hypocrites for not practising what they preach that was a blast for me and the repercussions for that action they took are still rolling

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Yep, they're certainly giving a witness but it's not the kind they'd be hoping for.

    Oh well, that's a couple of less mouths you have to feed.

  • nugget

    witnesses seem to think that weddings are all about showing approval or disapproval. They think that the wedding is all about them and whether they deign to attend or not. This is to be your daughters special day possibly made more special now that she has done the right thing and they have shown themselves to be the self centred hypocrites the religion has made them.

  • cantleave

    Hypocritical dumbasses! They look so stupid to the rest of the world with their childish cult behaviour!

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    The comment about the wedding centering on their approval is so on point. My sister invited JW relatives to her wedding. They attended the reception. A few of them, prompted by a young teenager who wanted to see the bride in church, walked in late and stood at the back. No one is reporting their conduct. Growing up, my JW extended family helped me survive in so many ways. Yet rejection was always present. No matter what I did or did not do, I was never safe.

    There was totally outrageous conduct by non JW relatives. We had no money ever and my mom raised us on one paltry Witness income. She was expelled from high school for not saluting the flag. My aunt followed my sister into the bathroom before the wedding and demanded to know who was paying. Said aunt is lower middle class, not wealthy. People must stay within their role and our role was poverty. My sister told her and was hysterical just before she walked down the aisle.

    My mom looked very Park Avenue at the wedding. B/c she did not have blue-tinted helmut hair, my aunt was scathing.

    Relatives like that give elopement to Paris a great name.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    cantleave said what I was thinking. Your daughter was being kind inviting them but personally I would only invite people like that as a courtesy if I was sure that they wouldn't show up. The focus on the wedding day should be on the joy of the couple being married and shouldn't be derailed by dubbish nonsense like shunning people at the wedding or not wanting to enter a church or whatever other crap they could come up with the would draw attention away from the point of the day and ruin it for others.

  • rebel8

    IMHO one of the simplest truths in life, yet one that seems difficult to believe, is that humans have no obligation to love or socialize with certain individuals *just* because we share genes.

    Love and friendship are earned and maintained by deeds and feelings, not by DNA.

    (( ))


    My JW brother wouldn't attend any services for my dead grandparents, wouldn't attend any of my childrens baptisms and won't attend my parents funerals when that happens unless something drastic happens.

    THE TRUTH....right?

  • tenyearsafter

    It is amazing how far some will take the shunning thing...

    My son, who is faded, got married a couple years ago and his JW mother did not attend the wedding stating "she had previous plans"...I felt bad for my son, but it certainly solidified his feelings towards the WTS!

  • ABibleStudent

    tenyearsafter - My son, who is faded, got married a couple years ago and his JW mother did not attend the wedding stating "she had previous plans"...I felt bad for my son, but it certainly solidified his feelings towards the WTS!

    As much as I am willing to slam the WTBTS, non-JWs also do manipulative and controlling things. My former wife, who is a non-JW, did not attend her son's wedding because she could not control her son's wedding plans anymore - long-story of manipulations trying to control her son's wedding plans. In the end my former wife alienated her son and his wife from ever seeing her in the future. Non-JWs and JWs are people and have free will to act, and suffer the consequences of their actions.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


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