How Do You Feel About Your Country?

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  • Snowboarder

    i have no idea, where i'm moving to. So i'll be back to post something about germany, other wize

    Country of origin: Yugoslavia, RIP rest in peace, under commie rule it was the best! We miss you Tito Broz, you held the country together and also my future was secure under commie rule i would have had a good life instead i got war and the JW latter fucking it up, sorry for the swearing but that's how i feel i miss my country i wish the war never came!

  • talesin

    Happy and grateful to be born here... proud? no -- i did nothing to earn it ,,, it just happened, so I'll stick to happy and grateful.

    I'm none too happy with the state of affairs re water rights, health care, and many other things at the moment. The corporations are taking over, Atlantica threatens our nation's sovereignty, and most Canadians are too damn apathetic to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE. Some places are already flying the Stars & Stripes next to the Maple Leaf, arrggh. I love my American cousins, but don't want to be one, thank you very much.


  • StopTheTears

    How do I feel about my country, America?

    In 1962, prayer was banned from the public school system. Teachers were thereafter forbidden from leading students in prayer. In 1963, the Word of God was banned from America's public school system. Teachers were no longer allowed to read the Bible at the beginning of each school day. Then in the 1960's, the myth of evolution began to be widely taught in our public schools. The consequences have been devastating to America.

    As we listen to the news each day decades later, we are hearing about the most horrifying things happening. We are now paying for our rebellion against God.

    Americans want to spit on God, murder babies by abortion, fornicate, dress and act like whores, promote witchcraft, watch immoral sex and violence on TV, glorify wickedness in places like Las Vegas (actually nicknamed 'sin city'). but then freak out when someone actually does what they've enjoyed watching on TV a thousand times. America is a sick society.

  • mrsjones5

    StopTheTears you're such a downer.

    I love America with all it's faults. It's a big freaking country with many different cultures and almost too many places to visit and see. That being said I would love to visit Europe, especially England.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    "To be born an Englishman means you have already won first prize in the lottery of life"

    Needless to say I think England is great though ten years of damage by that idiot Tony Blair and his mate who completed the ruin did not help the place.


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    How many of us know anything besides our country of origin? The America, Love It or Leave It crowd should see what it is like elsewhere. I worked so hard to achieve the American dream and I did. Illness struck. The European safety net should be a basic human right, not a government orogram. If I were not born in the U.S., I'd pick England or France. It is one of my dreams to live in Paris for a while, a year or two, before returning to Manhattan.

    Manhattan and paris aren't typical of either country, however. I said I love American principles but every Western democratic country has embraced those principles. I feel American's true claim to fame today is the diversity, the melting pot. Other countries are tired of being sapped by illegal immigration, too.

    I suppose I am American by culture. When the telephone prompts tell me to select English or Spanish, I go bonkers. My forefathers and foremothers arrived in this country not speaking English. They learned. There is large immigration from Russia and China. No prompts exist for them. Those countries place great emphasis on learning English. I would not move to France or Holland and expect to get by with English - only I prob. could b/c English is universal. It is not the not knowing English. I don't know French despite many years of study. It is not even bothering to try.

    Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of NY, said the restricted immigration laws could stop NY's most precious capital. Maybe the person with the cure for cancer is excluded. Maybe the person who comes up with next Internet.

    NYers are so cosmpolitan and worldly. Persecution binds people together. Many flags are still up. I never take it for granted anymore.

    My mom would explain to us that we were poor because my father was at Bethel during the war so we don't get veterans' preference. The war being WWII. I wish the Witnesses would stay neutral but acknowledge all the blessings they have derived from our way of life. This is not Malawi or Nazi Germany. They act as though there is no difference which infuriates me. Others lost their lives in combat so my father could be at Bethel. It is not fair.

  • Lozhasleft

    British/Welsh...not really impressed with the Welsh community...they can be so insular and unfriendly although the diverse mix of people in most of Wales now help it somewhat.

    Britain...It has its values definitely...with some beautiful countryside....sad that we are under the thumb of the aristocracy still...8% have all the wealth uneven and unfair. But when we look around the world we see many peoples in such dire straits...makes me thankful for our relative security. Love Manchester, it has such a wonderful vibe, and the people are so friendly and open. Northerners!

    Cant help yearning to live somewhere sunnier sometimes !

    Loz x

  • unshackled

    Canadian...born and raised. Love this country with our vast resource-rich land. Lots of fresh water which will only increasingly become a sought-after resource. And we love our hockey...we have ice in our veins. Politically, not so much right now. 40% of canadians gave Harper a majority Conservative gov't. The other 60% are left going WTF?

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