2011 Convention Releases - PDFs?

by StandFirm 25 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • StandFirm

    Does anyone have links for PDFs of any of the convention releases this year?

    Many thanks.

  • Snowboarder

    same here, i would not mind too see them, i need to get the stuff to see it too, i need to know what might my parents attack at me

  • Quarterback

    I've heard that they will be releasing a book about, "Vampires, Why they are bad"

    Another one is a new updated Organization book. A new chapter will deal on University Education, and the section dealing with Elders and Ministerial Servants will reflect this as a negative.

    But, the sources that told me this are not that reliable, so we may have to wait and see.

  • yknot

    You sooooooo baaaaad!

    knotty , knotty, knotty Korah--Standfirm ......

    Mama-WTS gonna spank you with GB belt if she catchs you peeking before your DC!


    (come-on keep posting every now and then ....please, purdy please)

  • Quarterback

    Just also heard about a new publication about "Wearwolves, Why they are bad association"

    A new tract will be released on Reality shows. This one will slam the Batchelor shows. Apparently, it is viewed badly when you start of dating 50 women, then kick them off the show gradually, after you have totally convinced them that you still like them. They call this practice, "Playing the field" There is a subheading entitled, "How a Rose could be deceptive" Another paragraph provides insight on how viewing this rose could be a form of Idolatry.

    Again, still am unsure about my sources....let's wait and see.

  • diamondiiz

    Wasn't there a release telling active and God-approved JWs not to look on apostate sites and especially not to ask for PDFs of their latest publications from such sources?? - just saying

  • Quarterback

    Hi Diamondiz,

    Ah yes, you are right....sorry, I'm old you see...I have memory problems....I have a Dr's note.

  • StandFirm

    yknot, you don't have the PDFs yet, do you.

  • yknot

    nope......not yet.......prob next weekend or the following week.

    Not that I didn't plead......

    Bethel Boys believe it helps me build and maintain patience......

    Besides it is equally delightful to see others take share in the worldwide distribution......

    So that said if anyone reading this post gots copies.....upload or pass me a link please!!!!


  • passwordprotected

    StandFirm, just be good and faithful and wait until it's your District Convention. It's bad manners to dip into the banquet bowl before it's your turn to be served.

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