Bearing Thorough Witness not so subliminal

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  • Chariklo
    Chariklo wrote

    Chariklo -- a direct question I asked, and your ignorance of that is just as rude as anything else on this thread. The post was obtuse, and I asked for clarification. You have a problem with that, okay, then.

    What am I missing? Where did that come from?! I have and had no problem with you! I went back and read your post and then mine. Not sure what your direct question was, but can't see anything in what I wrote that was rude or offensive, and nothing that was directed at you.

    I'm flummoxed! But hey, that's the web for you.

  • clarity

    Not into starting a war lol .... my only comments are these....

    1. I am not here to clarify anyone elses post ... only to to support and discus.

    2. Gee, is there a list of 'respectable' posts? Those that have merit? Would a newbie even know about this list. When I first came on here, I thought subliminal images were terrifically interesting (although not my cup of tea today).

    3. And "WHY does it matter if this is a 1st post or 1001st?" ... because on the 1001st post, the poster can take it. That poster isn't looking for the same thing as the 1st poster..... which would be acceptance, support and perhaps a reason to make it through another day of shunning and another night of isolation.

    A lot of us are still there. Sorry if you thought that this was imposing social taboos, or judgements, it isn't. Hate me if you want, but I'm still going to stand up for the 'underdog' (so to speak) whoever they may be.

    Rant over.(need emoticon peacepipe)


  • BluesBrother

    I just have one respectful question to those who see images within WBTS illustrations.

    Do you apply the same scrutiny to other people's illustrations , and do you see strange images in the clouds there also?

  • The Finger
    The Finger

    I worked in an art department of a publisher and I knew of people who hid pictures in the artwork for a laugh.

  • talesin

    chariklo --- my apologies! and, you're right about the internet,,,

    i think it's time for me to stop posting again; thought your 'scorn' comment was at me as it was directly beneath my post. Like it or not, things said here can still sometimes hurt/push my buttons. I'm disappointed in myself that I'm not over that.

    There was a racist comment made on another thread last nite, not directed @ me, but I was crushed that someone would make such a comment and get away w/ it.

    anyhow, once again,,, sorry (((char)))


  • Chariklo

    Hey, talesin, no worries at all!

    I wasn't offended, and anyway, I ought to have made it clearer who I was responding to...though having said that I could also maybe have written more tactfully.

    Enough said. Friends?

    Your name is intriguing, by the way. A Google search on talesin produced

    I don't know how to produce a clickable link on here, sorry about that. Anyway, the word Talesin kind of carries with it Welsh overtones combined with a hint of Lord of the Rings, and along with your lovely avatar that's a good combination to have! It would be interesting to know how you came to choose it?

  • SirNose586

    I'm with Sweeney, talesin, and maninthemiddle on this. I'm really not seeing the appeal in finding little subliminal pictures in the illustrations.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Those aren't pix of demons...

    That's Jehovah in the clouds!

  • Chariklo

    Looks like Abraham Lincoln to me!


    Do you apply the same scrutiny to other people's illustrations , and do you see strange images in the clouds there also?

    Fair question. The answers, for me, are no, and not really, but on the other hand sometimes images do jump out. I didn't apply any scrutiny until after spotting infowarrior's post, and then it reminded me of my Google search a year ago and I looked again.

    I do think the main image mentioned is as clear as day, no imagination required there, nor on the Roman standard, but the person who pointed out that this could have been on many such standards is probably correct.

    OK, I get the general scepticism on this. Hmmm...I'm going to stick my neck out on this one and think for myself. My mind will remain open, which is how it was in the first place. Dotty thoughit may seem to many, I do think there is a chance...not a probability, just a chance...that there is more going on here than meets the eye, and I do think that psychological manipulation is complex and powerful. That may be what is going on's definitely there in the text!...but as to whether or not there is anything subliminal I really have no idea.

    And The Blues Brothers are one of my favourite films, along with Star Wars, all things Star Trek, and The Godfather, by the way, so what does that say about me?!

  • designs

    That's Thor, he's such a ham he wants to be in all of the Watchtowers.......

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