Bearing Thorough Witness not so subliminal

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  • Infowarrior

    noticed this the other day while studying. I dont know how must witnesses miss this. It seems many of them are putting thier name over it on a label...

    zoomed in

    more pictures taken from ipod

    i see it everytime i look at this now

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    See what? I'm not sure what I'm looking for.

  • wobble

    Yes I see it too, the flying spagetti monster is in all the pictures !

  • maninthemiddle
  • Infowarrior

    Lol no theres a face in the clouds in the top right. its really noticible on the actual book, but i see it everytime i look at the cover.

    also making the pictures smaller makes it really stand out.

  • wobble

    I see it now ! That is the same face I saw on my piece of toast at breakfast today ! how weird is that ?

    I can't show you the toast, I scoffed it down.

  • Chariklo

    Infowarrior, I saw that face the moment I got the book last autumn. It's perfectly clear, very distinct on the actual cover.

    Also there below it, in less detail but with a strong outline, is another face, looking either a bit like ET or some kind of demon.

    Look at the standard carried by the Roman soldier. At the base of the decorated emblem-type bit at the top is a very, very clear and explicit devil/goat head. You can't miss it, there's no attempt to disguise it. It takes no imagination at all to see it.

    There are other demonic-type faces and symbols to be found in other areas of that cover picture, but mostly not as clear.

    When I first started researching JW's on the internet, when I first started talking to them, and when I was still very wary and felt something wasn't right, I Googled away and found sites that I'm sure you all know, where such images or subliminal effects are discussed. On those pages some apparently very clear and explicit pictures were published, but at that time I wasn't in a position to verify them.

    As I say, I noticed for myself these elements on the cover of the Bearing Though Witness book. But the strange thing is that within a short time that book, despite its very clearly manipulative and slanted text, began to draw me very strongly indeed towards the WT. Objectively, that shoul;dn't have happened. I'm quite well-educated enough to have seen through it. Part of my brain saw all the ploys of the text and yet other parts of my brain overrode all misgivings.

    OK, this may sound too far-fetched for words, but I had actually forgotten all about the images I saw on the cover last Septemember till I saw this thread, and now I'm wondering if there might in fact be soemthing in what those much-mocked sites were saying. The cover of the Bearing TW book is rich in this effect. Could it in fact have been influencing me even below the level of my own awareness, an awareness that up to the point when I was given this book was still very sceptical?

    Infowarrior, thanks. I'll be very interested to see what others think. And no, I haven't gone bananas.

  • clarity

    Infowarrior, if you've ever had a look at pagan or occult or mason stuff, it is hard to miss it when your eyes catch it again. Dug out my copy and it just looks like a very colorfull illustration. ......hmm

    In the first enlarged pic ......look to the left at that standard. Under the 3 circles you can easily see the "the goats or rams head. Have a look at this link.

    There are probably a few things in the next pics but ........have a look at the first soldier on the right, with the funny brown helmet on his head.

    This one really stands out (pun intended). Scroll down slowly looking at the helmet. Whatever he is reading, from that scroll, must be pretty exciting!!


  • Mad Sweeney
  • talesin

    ROFL @ Mad


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