Jehovah is more important then your job. So in other words... get your ass to the conventions!

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Both my parents worked when women did not work. The brothers kept saying things to mom who worked weeknights in a factory. My lovely JW father would not pick her up at the end of shift. The area was a rape magnet. No one ever explained how she could feed or house us.

    My congregaton was working poor and welfare. There were only a handful of us solidly in working class.

    The welfare rabble and disability yet able to special pioneer irked me even before I got my working papers. Witnesses proclaim neutrality , will not fight so it is fair that they not draw any benefits from the government. Paul said to take care of your own. No one knew my father or his background (he was a bodyguard for Rutherford and KNorr. He fought off the crazy, violent Catholics attacking innocent women and children at the Garden).). Yet when someoone on welfare could not pay their utilities (included in the check), get a loan on the KH, or dress out of Vogue mag, they knew where we lived all of a sudden.

    We were always poor b/c my father worked very hard and was bright. His best years were given to Bethel. Altho he worked in security and the factory, he had no skills when he left Bethel. My uncle was in the same boat. Jesus never said to be unemployed. The sad thing is that the people who are most likely to be Witnesses will not think long term.

    The apostles put their trust in Jesus. Maybe I would find it noble if I believed the religion. We should be able to see the books for the WTBTS.

  • blondie

    Actually, it was so hypocritical to tell people to quit their job and not examine other choices.

    1) one brother was in a congregation that shared the hall with another and rotated the meeting times every year. So his schedule would not match his congregation so he would go to the other congregation that year. He was an MS and stayed one when he rotated to the second congregation.

    2) Several men in one city all had jobs on second shift, elders, MS, etc. So a second shift congregation was formed to accommodate their job schedule rather than they all quit.

    3) Why do jws not ask a possible employer about accommodations for religious events before they take the job? Are you telling me that it is suddenly an issue on their current job, one they have had for several years, whether they can attend the convention? Why not arrange to go to another district convention in the nearby area on a different weekend?

    I started a new job and asked to have time off for 2 weeks to go to an international problem.

    There are so many ways to be considerate of your employer and still work out having days off. I think many jws wait till the day before to ask...

  • steve2

    Get a life. How? Lose Jehovah - Get a Job. Problem solved.

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