It's 21st May 2011I am writing this 1 minute

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  • St George of England
    St George of England
    I awoke and my wifes nightie is in the bed and SHE'S GONE!!!!
    She is a strong Christain....... I'm TERRIFIED!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh wait...

    I awoke and my wifes in bed but HER NIGHTIE'S GONE!!!!

    She is a strong Christain....... I'm TERRIFIED!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh wait...

    It's just a warm evening...............


  • highdose

    its 21.41 here in the middle east, i'm still here and so is everyone and everything else. no earth quakes, no nothing,

    i bet those morons are feeling so stupid right now! HAHAHAA


    Got some funny peeps on this board! Thanks for cracking me up everytime I come on here.

    ps: Does this mean that we are to ignore the next installment in 5 months or prepare all over again? I think these dudes need to get with the GB, hold hands and sing Kumbayah My Lord.

  • wobble

    It is almost 9pm in the U.K as I write, and it is eerily quiet around here, am I the only one left on Earth ?

    Hey Sky Daddy ! You done gone and forgot li'l ol' me !!

    Woops, I just looked out of the window, and there are acouple of kids walking down the road, and in the distance on the four lane i can see the traffic moving.

    Guess the closest to the Rapture I am going to get is the fact that I have a Rupture, it is quite fascinating my rupture, it means that I am like Adam, I don't have a belly button !

  • dmouse

    Well, I was laying some paving slabs in my garden this afternoon and I think I felt a rupture.

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    Maybe Jesus got drunk Friday night and forgot to set his Alarm?

  • freetosee

    It's 00.20 in Germany and no rapture..

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