2011 District Convention theme and program

by DagothUr 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • godrulz

    Our love and longing for God must exceed our love for the things of the world, even our own families. It is not a matter of what we want, but what is reality in the end. Those who trust in the real Jesus will be resurrected/glorified to heaven with Him, but the New Jerusalem comes down to earth, so we will have interaction here. I plan on exploring the galaxy and this planet throughout eternity, but the focus will be on worshipping King Jesus with the saints of all time.

  • eruption

    I used to love THOSE dramas, written by an American for Americans without recognising the different conertations in the language, for eg; Brother Randy is warned of the dangers of being unshaperoned with his girl, just plane dumb, also those recorded American accents, and the crazy overacting and ott exagerated gestures, just pure box office !!!

    I just loved taking the piss out of those(shows), the worst ham acting and scripts EVER, played to an audience that could not have been more disintrested if they tried, HAPPY DAYS, ha ha

  • DagothUr

    Onthewayout, those are funny but true.

  • Scully

    Seems kind of pointless to go this much trouble to plan District Conventions™ if the rapture is going to happen today. Won't they be embarrassed when everyone else gets raptured and they get left behind!

  • Philadelphia Ponos
  • Mary

    LMAO @ DagothUr's symposium for the ASSembly .......however, you forgot to mention a key point that they like to emphasize: have some demonstration of a teenage Dub who's being pressured to go to university so he can become a materialistic bastard and become Satan's right-hand man. After talking to himself (never a good sign), he decides to wash windows part time and become a pioneer due to the fact that "the time left is reduced". Emphasize the evils of getting a higher education, and then announce that Bethel is looking for volunteers who have a university education.

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