2011 District Convention theme and program

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  • DagothUr


    FRIDAY - "The Kingdom of the Heavens Has Drawn Near" —Matthew 4:17


    9:20 Music

    9:30 Song No. 5 and Prayer

    9:40 Chairman's Address: Why We Need God's Kingdom to Come

    10:10 How We Know That God's Kingdom Will Come Soon

    10:30 "We Must Enter Into the Kingdom . . . Through Many Tribulations"

    10:50 Song No. 18 and Announcements

    11:00 Symposium: How Covenants Relate to the Kingdom

    Jehovah's Purpose Is Challenged

    Covenants That Identify the Seed

    Leading God's People to the Solution

    The Complete Solution

    11:40 Keynote Address: Who Are Preaching the "Good News of the Kingdom"?

    12:10 Song No. 31 and Intermission


    1:50 Music

    2:00 Song No. 30

    2:05 Questions About the Kingdom Answered

    2:25 Will You Make Sacrifices for the Kingdom?

    2:45 A True Story That Inspires Hope

    3:15 Song No. 86 and Announcements

    3:25 Symposium: Jesus' Miracles Portend Rich Kingdom Blessings!

    "You Have Reserved the Fine Wine Until Now"

    "All Ate and Were Satisfied"

    "He Cured All Who Were Faring Badly"

    "Lazarus, Come On Out!"

    "A Great Calm Set In"

    "He Himself Knew What Was in Man"

    4:25 What Will Go When God's Kingdom Comes?

    4:55 Song No. 19 and Closing Prayer

    SATURDAY - "Keep On . . . Seeking First the Kingdom and His Righteousness"— Matthew 6:33


    9:20 Music

    9:30 Song No. 93 and Prayer

    9:40 "Let Your Light Shine"!

    10:00 Symposium: Kingdom Illustrations —How They Affect Your Ministry

    The Mustard Grain

    The Leaven

    The Merchant

    The Sower Who Sleeps

    The Dragnet

    The Prodigal Son

    11:00 Song No. 40 and Announcements

    11:10 Seek the Kingdom, Not Things

    11:30 "Come . . . Inherit the Kingdom"

    12:00 Song No. 59 and Intermission


    1:25 Music

    1:35 Song No.24

    1:40 "Keep Your Minds Fixed on the Things Above"

    2:00 Symposium: Beware of Enemies of the Kingdom!

    Satan and the Demons

    Babylon the Great


    Our Imperfect Flesh

    2:45 Song No. 89 and Announcements

    2:55 Parents—Shepherd Your Children Toward Kingdom Blessings

    3:15 DRAMA: "These Words . . . Must Prove to Be on Your Heart"

    4:20 Are You Behaving as a Kingdom Citizen?

    4:55 Song No. 134 and Closing Prayer

    SUNDAY - "There Will Be Richly Supplied to You the Entrance Into the Everlasting Kingdom"—2 Peter 1:11


    9:20 Music

    9:30 Song No. 109 and Prayer

    9:40 Symposium: Appreciating the Messianic King's Appealing Personality









    11:00 Song No. 99 and Announcements

    11:10 Public Bible Discourse: Will Humans Ruin This Earth?

    11:40 Summary of The Watchtower

    12:10 Song No. 133 and Intermission


    1:30 Music

    1:40 Song No. 69

    1:45 DRAMA: Young Ones—Be Discreet and Wise

    2:45 Song No. 64 and Announcements

    2:55 God's Kingdom Will Crush All Other Kingdoms —When?

    3:40 Song No. 2 and Closing Prayer

  • DagothUr

    I don't know if you know it, but for those who don't here it is.

  • leavingwt

    Saturday, at 2 PM, they're featuring a talk about Apostates.

    Like one JW told my family, "If you read just a little bit of that apostate stuff, you'll fall out of the truth."

  • LostGeneration

    Glad to see them talk about apostates in such a public way. Its like a "pink elephant."

    Once you tell someone not to think about it, its what immediately comes to mind.

  • hamsterbait

    The Kingdumb Parables of Jesus are about to get another reinterpreting of de-interpreted reinterpretations.

    Throw out your copy of "God's Kingdom of 1000 Years has Approached" (Luke 21:8)


  • factfinder

    Thank you for posting this DagothUr!

    I wonder what the releases will be?

  • cofty

    Really sounds like its all getting dumbed down. Lots of symposiums of 10 minute talks.

    "How We Know That God's Kingdom Will Come Soon" - That should be a laugh

  • chickpea

    who can afford this shite nowadays???

    for us it was family of six driving 300 miles
    requiring 2 hotel rooms to remain in compliance
    with fire codes, plus meals for travel time and
    convention days...

    SO glad i will be home all summer working on renovations and repairs
    putting some major sweat equity in the homestead!

  • redsoxfan1393

    I have to do this in three weeks... Well atleast Saturday and Sunday. Friday is my High School graduation. I made it clear I was not going to miss that....

    Someone help me!

  • godrulz

    Get out of the cult, reds. You need to follow Jesus as YHWH, not an organization that does not know Him.

    How do JWs use 'apostate'? By definition, it should be those who were JWs, but are no longer in the organization. Would I be considered apostate since I have never been a JW? Most counter-cult literature is from concerned Christians, not former cultists. I am not afraid to read any sources that oppose my views. Truth does not run from error. The WT is insecure, manipulative, controlling.

    As a Christian, His kingdom is now, but not yet. It has a present aspect, the rule of God, and a future eschatological aspect. Kingdom is not exclusive to JW thought. It is a biblical concept that JWs distort. As well, the King is always more important than the kingdom, so it is a waste of time to be wrong about who the King is (He is YHWH, not Michael) while talking about a paradise kingdom (one of many aspects of kingdom truth).

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